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Celebrate with Fresh Vip Events During the Feast of Sant Joan While Visiting Barcelona

Every year, the Feast of Sant Joan is held in Barcelona. This celebration takes place over two days, but the actual feast itself is held on the second day. The Feast of Sant Joan is a public holiday that celebrates the beginning of summer and is held on the longest day of the year, which is also known as the Summer Solstice.

The locals believe that the sun represents fertility and wealth and on the Summer Solstice, it is necessary to give the sun the power it needs to give those two things additional strength. That strength is given through both fireworks and bonfires.

Sant Joan has three different symbols and they are fire, water, and herbs. The bonfires are lit, not only for the strength that they offer, but also to symbolize purity. The water symbolizes healing and the herbs are for extra remedies. Everyone will find that they experience the fire symbol during the celebration, but the other two symbols are not often practiced. Therefore, not everyone will see those two symbols being completed during the celebration.

Many of the locals have massive parties for the Feast of Sant Joan, but those who do not have a place to go for the celebration always venture out to the beach. Barceloneta Beach is the place to be as the celebration begins and people will arrive early to claim their spot. Everyone may also want to wander from square to square, as there are always people performing with fireworks while dressed in costumes.

While this celebration includes a feast, there is only one food that is necessary to eat at this time of the year. That food is coque, which is a bread style cake that is available in every bakery. Some of the coque is sweet, while others are savory, but they all have anise flavoring.

On the night before the feast, everything is open, and many people will go to their favorite restaurant to eat a huge meal with family and friends. It is always necessary to make a reservation, as there are never any open tables to be found.

Once the meal is over, everyone will go see what is taking place on the streets as the celebration begins to ramp up. The following day, everything will be closed, as everyone will be recovering from the day before. It is not uncommon to see curtain closed, as people sleep in from their late night of dancing and drinking. In fact, it is easy to see why the day after has been declared a holiday, as no one would be showing up to work anyway!

If you are going to be in Barcelona for the Feast of Sant Joan, you will want to join the celebration withfreshvipevents. They make this celebration even more amazing than it is and you will never need to figure out where you should be to have the best time. You won’t even need to worry about whether or not you are spending too much money on drinks!

Here is what freshvipevents offers, so that you and everyone else can have an unforgettable time without a lot of effort on your part:

·A two-hour cruise on a catamaran yacht

·Alcohol for the length of the cruise

·A thrilling crew that knows how to take care of their guests

·The party continues after the cruise over at Barceloneta Beach

·More alcohol to go with the endless music that lasts till dawn

You can get early booking rates right now, which is 97€, but the rates will increase to 110€ on May 30th.

While you do not need to bring anything with you for your cruise, you may want to consider a bathing suit and all white casual attire. The meeting point for this cruise is the Casino Port Olympic and the meeting time is 19:20 for a departure time of 20:00.

The catamaran is equipped with snorkeling equipment, paddle surf equipment, a stereo, televisions, free Wi-Fi, fruit, snacks, water, coffee, soft drinks, wine, and beer. There is also insurance coverage for everyone on board.

Once you reach the beach, there will still be an endless supply of fruit, snacks, soft drinks, wine, and beer for you to enjoy while dancing the night away.

The Blue Magic Yacht 1 holds a maximum of 28 people, while the Blue Magic Yacht 2 can fit 23 people. The Massive Submarine View Catamaran can hold up to 80 people and has an amazing atmosphere. Actually, all three catamarans have a fabulous atmosphere that seems to explode during the Feast of Sant Joan.

You are guaranteed to have the time of your life until the beach cleaners arrive to start the cleanup after the sun rises in the sky.

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Port olimpico barcelona · port olimpica barcelona, Spain

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