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4.30 pm Saturday 24th August

Spin Doctor, Communications Director, Public Relations Officer, the list goes on for the titles that describe the job of dealing with the crisis management of a company when 'It Hits the Fan', the title of Simon's current fascinating BBC Radio podcast. Simon Lewis was drafted in to improve the late Queen's image after the death of Princess Diana and then went on to take on a similar role as Communications Director at 10 Downing Street, for Gordon Brown. He subsequently went to work for Vodafone, British Gas, and Nat West to name but a few of his illustrious positions and is now a Managing Partner of boutique PR firm Lewis Advisors. Simon will talk us through his fascinating career at the 'sharp end' of some of our most well known companies, managing both the good times and the bad, in the inner sanctums. We should all have a Simon Lewis in our lives!

Arundel Town Hall • BN18 9AP Arundel, England, United Kingdom

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Linda Rendina