The magic of mindset: gearing the company culture towards people and growth

Tue 1. December 2020 at 16:00 - 17:30


This event is part of the series of events “Tune up for a scale up” by Tehnopol Startup Incubator and Mikaels Labs. We'll have 3 free virtual and case-based webinars about three crucial ways to gear your organisation for growth.

#1 (17.11): The art of deciding: seeking for a win-win in tech vs business
#2 (24.11): The power of structure: PM as a sub-task vs a strategic role
#3 (1.12): The magic of mindset: gearing the company culture towards people and growth

All three webinars focus on each topics by bringing real-life cases by the panelists into the spotlight. How did they deal with difficult decisions? Where did these choices lead? What is there to learn?

Third webinar, on the 1st of December, will focus on the Human Resources point of view. We'll dive deep into the efficient ways to build the company culture. Join us to find out, what are the benefits of developing people’s soft skills in the world that preaches tech-ones (the stronger connection is from human level, tech remains informational). We'll also talk about the freedom and support, role of empathy and boosting the value your people create through small but influential actions.

These speakers will present their cases and join the virtual floor for a panel discussion:
Martin Kuustik from Coop Pank

The conversation host is Jaanika Siiroja, Head of Marketing at Mikaels Labs.

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