Scaling in Estonia through the cooperation between corporations and startups

Thu 22. October 2020 at 13:00 - 14:00


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Growing the competitiveness of Estonian companies through innovation is of critical importance. Those companies, who are able to look beyond their current business logic in the search for new and more efficient solutions will prove to be truly successful.

On the other hand we have startups, who have nothing to lose, it gives them the courage to make risky decisions, experiment, and move forward quickly. As a result, more accessible, convenient and valuable products can reach customers and large companies should adapt to this tempo and working model, in order to be successful.

But how to put corporations and startups working together? At the beginning of this summer, Science and Business Park Tehnopol together with SEB, second largest bank in Estonia, started the Innovation Leaders Club, which aims to unite innovators within companies into a single community, to support the transplanting of open innovation and to increase the capacity to manage change within Estonian companies.

In this event, Kadi Villers, the Innovation Manager at the Science and Business Park Tehnopol will dive deep into, why the cooperation between startups and corporations is important and how this cooperation can be successful.

Event is free, but needs your registration.
Event is in English and happens via Zoom.
Event is part of the Tehnopol and Frankfurt Forward digital matchmaking program. See other events happening during this program:



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