On this unique tour organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture, architecture enthusiasts get a sneak peek behind the long-shut doors of the legendary Linnahall Concert Hall in Tallinn.

Linnahall belongs to an ensemble of facilities built to host the Tallinn sailing regatta of the XXII Moscow Olympics in 1980. Raine Karp designed the Hall alongside Riina Altmäe and Ülo Sirp in 1976. It’s one of Tallinn’s most outstanding examples of Estonian Soviet-era architecture.

In 2020, Linnahall made waves as one of the locations where Christopher Nolan filmed his motion picture TENET. In Nolan’s film, Linnahall housed the Kyiv Opera House, charming the director with its imposing atmosphere.

Find out about the history of this remarkable building, check out the interior of Nolan’s film set, and learn more on the guided tour.

The 75-minute tour takes place in Estonian, Russian, English, and Finnish.

Tours organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture are carried out by professional guides united by a common interest in architecture and its history.

Private tours to Linnahall and other exciting special tours to architectural pearls across Estonia are available in six languages. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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Photo credit: Evert Palmets

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