Pseudoscientific ideas and their adaptations

Thursday 27. June at 19:00 - 22:00

Terminal Abashidze • Abashidze str., 34-36, Tbilisi, Georgia

On June 27 at 19:00 in Tbilisi, neurobiologist Alexander Panchin will give a lecture on "Pseudoscientific Ideas and Their Adaptations."

On Instagram, they suggest diagnosing based on fingerprints, solving problems of a leaky gut, believing in all-powerful detox, and magical bio-additives. Science popularizer Alexander Panchin will talk about deceptive ideas and methods that only pretend to be scientific, but turn out to be complete nonsense (and at the same time profitable business).

What is the similarity between a biological virus and a pseudoscientific theory? Why do even the most absurd ideas sometimes capture the minds of many people? What makes people believe in all sorts of nonsense? And how can one protect themselves from it? Come to the "session fighting obscurantism" and find out.

Alexander Panchin, a fighter against pseudoscience, will talk about all of this.

Alexander Panchin is a candidate of biological sciences, winner of the "Enlightenment" award, author of novels and popular science books, member of the RAS Commission for Combating Pseudoscience and a member of the council of the Enlightenment Fund "Evolution", author of a popular YouTube channel.

The lecture will be in Russian.

The lecture will take place at Terminal Abashidze at the address Abashidze str. 34-36.

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Terminal Abashidze • Abashidze str., 34-36, Tbilisi, Georgia

Google Map of Abashidze str., 34-36, Tbilisi, Georgia