Book Review & Discussion : Smartcuts

Wo 14. april 2021 om 19:00 - 22:00

Online Event

In this event, you’ll learn

What lateral thinking is and how it lets 1/3 of all US presidents avoid the common process to become POTUS
Why all good feedback is negative feedback, but not all negative feedback is good feedback
How to use existing platforms to build on other peoples’ work
What allowed Skrillex to become a mega-success fast, in spite of being a newbie
How Che Guevara spread the message of revolution by using superconnectors
Why what works today doesn’t have to work tomorrow

About the Author

Shane Snow is a New York City–based journalist and Web entrepreneur, and the cofounder and chief creative officer of the media technology company Contently. He holds a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. Snow contributes regularly to Wired magazine and Fast Company, and has written about innovation for numerous publications, including the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and Advertising Age. Snow is a sought-after speaker at technology and advertising summits, and writes for LinkedIn's Influencer program. His work in technology entrepreneurship has been recognized by the United Nations, the New York Times, Inc., Forbes, Details, and New York City's Economic Development Council.


Everyone thinks of taking shortcuts once in a while. When we’re at work the temptation’s always present. But we know that’s bad form. We’re well aware of how success is achieved: by working hard, day in and day out.

Still, is it enough? Maybe there’s another way. One that doesn’t involve cheating or never sleeping. This is where Shane Snow’s Smartcuts comes in.

Business has several key elements that are vital for success, one of them is most definitely Momentum. If you thought of experience or knowledge according to Shane Snow, they come secondary. Even today, people are still aversive when it comes to taking risks, our society suffers from fear and low self-esteem – never be a part of that group.

Take this situation for example – You’ve won a small bet in a casino, the inner forces entice you to move forward, you are starting to feel self-confident and strong, so you make another biggest bet. This is not a good Momentum, this is just a mere speculation, so you have to understand the vast differences which exist among them. 12min’s book summary pinpoints the secrets of grabbing the perfect timing for achieving success.

“Smartcuts” emphasizes the importance of mentorship. A mentor is something more valuable than a friend. First of all, you can place mentor and boss in the same bucket there’s a big difference, in other words, by having a guide-person in your life, you’ll be able to benefit on a professional level.




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