Microservices certification

Wed 28. October 2020 at 17:00 - Tue 28. October 2025 at 16:00

Virtual Event · D 107, Block-D, Sector 2 Noida, India, Australia

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The Mastering Microservices course is primarily designed for .NET professionals who want to learn how to develop modern web applications using Microservices Patterns and Azure. In this course, you will learn about Microservices architecture, various patterns, service bus, service fabric and Microservices CI/CD.
Learn to build and manage your APIs using Azure API Management. Develop and deploy your microservices based application to Azure Service Fabric. Leverage to learn microservices architecture to build your ASP.NET Core application and implement various microservices patterns in your application along with CI/CD pipeline.
Course Objective
At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;
1. Understand Microservices Principles
2. Implement Microservices Architecture using ASP.NET Core
3. Integrate Swagger to document your APIs
4. Decompose Existing N-Tier application into Microservices
5. Decompose a centralized database into a distributed database
6. Build Reliable Services using ASP.NET Core
7. Understand and Use Azure Service Fabric
8. Implement Ocelot API Gateway
9. Implement Azure API Management
10. Query Microservices using the CQRS pattern
11. Implement Asynchronous Communication Using Azure Service Bus and RabbitMQ
12. Design Microservices CI/CD Pipeline

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Virtual Event • D 107, Block-D, Sector 2 Noida, India, Australia

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