Hysterical Cabaret

Piektdiena 17. maijs plkst. 20:00 - 22:00

HEL Dungeon • Tērbatas iela 83, 1001 Rīga, Latvija

Tiešsaistes biļešu pārdošana ir beigusies.

We are happy to announce an outrageously funny and sexy live performance inspired by the Hysterical Literature series, facilitated by lovely Andrea (Vienna) and your own Thalia Hel (Riga)

Inspired by the Hysterical Literature (https://hystericalliterature.com/)
series we bring an outrageously funny and sexy live performance where brave individuals will expose their erotic soul while comfortably shielded from view.

Seated at a table concealing their lower half, the performer introduces themselves, and begins performing, be it reading, singing or whatever can be done while “comfortably” seated. Under the table, outside of their control, an unseen assistant of their choice will distract them with powerful
vibrations. Hilarity and sexiness ensues.


Adults who either want to exercise their exhibitionist side in a protected setting or who want to take part in a collective voyeuristic experience with elements of sexuality, showmanship and fun.


Creating a space that is distinctively and markedly sexual, voyeuristic and exhibitionistic while at the same time discrete and not focused on visual genital interaction. Mixing fun, cabaret, culture and sexuality for entertainment, hilarity and eroticism.

Your facilitators:

Andrea (Pleasure Catalysts, Vienna)

After studying physics and education, Andrea started his professional life as a research physicist, followed by work with international organisations and later as a security professional. Not being confused enough by his choices, he decided to add bodywork to the mix and studied Shiatsu and Tantric massage until progressively deciding to create his own strain of bodywork focused on consciously mixing pain and pleasure. Oh, and now he is studying psychotherapy too.
Since 2013, body- and sex-positivity have been at the core of Andrea’s activism and social engagement. He is focusing on organising low-threshold events offering safer, non-judgemental spaces and wider access to bodywork, emphasising emotional or sensual connections. A central tenet of his work is that the body is a key element in how we integrate emotions and thoughts; our own as well as our partners’.

Thalia Hel (Sonatalicious.com, KinkDom. Riga)

Sexuality and kink coach, sexeducator, pro-Domme, event organiser and safe space facilitator, sex toys connoisuer with primary focus on consent, communication and intimacy enhancement.
Thalia is known as a sensual sadist and dominant empath interested in exploring human nature and sexuality by creating personalised experiences. Through private consultations, workshops and holistic BDSM therapy sessions that free you from limitations, judgement, guilt, shame, insecurities and anxieties of everyday roles, Thalia aims to destigmatise kink and promote sexpositivity. Preferred practices are bodywork,sensory play, impact play, waxplay, sadomasochism, bondage, role play, seduction and discipline.

Entry: 20eur per person

Write to [email protected] if you have any questions.

HEL Dungeon • Tērbatas iela 83, 1001 Rīga, Latvija

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