jaZZanti concert: Mikko Hassinen: Future Food Factory album release concert

ravintola laulumiehet • Hietaniemenkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

Teosto-awarded percussionist Mikko Hassinen will again return to small ensemble music, inspired by his young and skilled ensemble. The broad and layered wind instrument orchestration painted by the previous Espoo Big Band: Blood Red album, which received five stars from Helsingin Sanomat, turns into the intimate and focused vibration of a small collective in the music of Future Food Factory, where acoustic jazz takes on an electric layer.

The music from the first album, which will be released in September, will be available in clubs and concerts right from the fall.

Mikko Hassinen: drums, electronics, compositions
Max Zenger: alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Mikko Antila: vibraphone
Antti Ahoniemi: double bass

Future Food Factory is a record with which its composer Mikko Hassinen tries to musically describe his own complicated relationship with nature. The music is basically acoustic and breathing, but despite the acoustic principle, the album has a touch of electricity. In the post-production phase, many songs have received layers that differ from traditional quartet jazz. The recorded material has been modified and processed. The album that started acoustically turns into something else along the way.

Released videos of the upcoming album:

Photo: Susanna Kantelinen / Mikko Hassinen

The concert is supported by City of Helsinki, Svenska Kulturfonden and The Finnish Music Foundation.

ravintola laulumiehet • Hietaniemenkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

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