NU Performance Festival 2020: 5 event pass

Fri 13. November at 18:30 - Sun 22. November 2020

Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Sakala 3, Sveta Bar · Tallinn, Estonia

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Friday 13.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice Finding its Body

Eglė Budvytytė (Amsterdam-Vilnius) "Incantation Karaoke"
(group 1)
Egija Inzule (Riga-Zurich) & Margit Säde (Tallinn-Zurich)
Gerry Bibby (Berlin) "Throwing Voice (Borrowed Time)"
Jelena Glazova (Riga) "Greed”
Eglė Budvytytė (Amsterdam-Vilnius) "Incantation Karaoke"
(group 2)

Friday 13.11, Sveta Baar
Voice of Shared Beginnings

21:00 Doors
Nancy Nakamura Räpipunt: liina pääsuke (Väätsa-Viin), IRMELI (Tallinn), MAAKAS (Väätsa), Ookean (Väätsa-Tallinn)
YASMYN (Tallinn) "Guilty-Not-Guilty Pleasures”

Saturday 14.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of Dissolving in Rhythm

Michele Rizzo (Amsterdam) "Higher”

Sunday 15.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of the Double

Erik Bünger (Berlin) "The Girl That Never Was"

Monday 16.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of Last Resort

Sveta Grigorjeva (Tallinn) “TEKHNE”

Tuesday 17.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice over Centuries
(together with Nida Art Colony)

Hiwa K (Sulaymaniyah-Berlin) “Chicago Boys: while we were singing they were dreaming...” / Nida edition of the neo-liberalism research group told by Egija Inzule (Riga-Zurich) and Vika Matuzaitė (Vilnius) with inserts by the amateur choir Smiltatė (Nida)
(Free entrance)

Wednesday 18.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of Memory

Ana Mendes (London-Stockholm) "Self-portrait”
Lina Lapelyte (Vilnius) "The Best of: (ongoing)”

Thursday 19.11, Sakala 3
Voice of Echoes and Yeah
(together with Serious Serious)

19:00 Doors
Lolina (London)
Serious Serious Showreel by Michaela Kisling, Till Megerle, Artjom Astrov (Viin-Berliin-Tallinn)
Practice Room with Court Rat, arxcharlaide & baribari mai, Marta & Edgar Vunsh, Ganna Bogomol

Friday 20.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of Queer Feminist Fun
(together with Feministeerium)

Queer womxn DJ collective (Vilnius)
MajorDanger (Tallinn)
James Lórien MacDonald (Helsinki) "I Got Online and Went Mad"
Querelle (Kaunas)

Saturday 21.11, Sveta Bar
Voice of Community

14:00 – 17:00 Workshop for upcoming and practicing she* DJs by Queer womxn DJ collective (Vilnius)
Free entrance, with pre-registration

Saturday 21.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of Synthetic Polyphony

Doris Hallmägi (Tallinn) "How They Used to"
Nicolas Buzzi (Zürich) "Us"
Darkside (Tartu)
Nina Elektrichka (Riga)

Sunday 22.11, Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Voice of Taking Care

Hanna-Liisa Lavonen, Jaanika Arum, Helen Västrik, Katrin Enni, Helle Ly Tomberg, Ellen Vene, Andre Joosep Arming, Kleer Keret Tali (Tallinn) “Värelev siinus”

All program subject to change.

VOICE AND SOMETHING MORE attempts to grasp voice: to work with voice, to recognise voice; to use voice; to listen to and interfere with voice; to fight for a voice; to agree, argue and sing along with voice, make bodies move and fall asleep to voice.
Anne Carson writes in her essay “The Gender of Sound”, “It is in large part according to the sounds people make that we judge them sane or insane, male or female, good, evil, trustworthy, depressive, marriageable, moribund, likely or unlikely to make war on us, little better than animals, inspired by God.” To understand all the meanings of the voice, the voice must be witnessed as an event, something that revolves around bodies, an entity in its own right inherent to the body and to language.

Yet, the voice belongs to neither. It operates autonomously – it sounds, gestures, exposes, hides, worries, calms, irritates, creates, damages and makes us laugh. It resonates, it hypnotises, it syncs, it has its sonorities – its silences, its rhythms and its intonations. Whatever it does, however it moves, the voice rarely goes unnoticed. The voice does not move away from the body. It expands it, carries it forwards, trying to connect it with the outside world.

As the body is bound to its poetics and politics, its accents and dialectics, its grammar with its errors, so is voice. Language lingers in the mouth, slips out to chat a little, has its vocabulary on tip of the tongue, repeats and corrects itself… What is hidden by language, body utters. Through the voice, be it vocal or silent, we make ourselves heard, be it in the landscape, in the room, in society or in politics. It is through voice that private becomes public.

This year, the festival programme combines a polyphony of artistic expressions and statements. It gives the stage to unfolding the emotional, social and political potentials of voice. It features poetry, the making of rhythm, synthetic sounds, inscribed narratives and historical contexts, humour, agency, participatory and collective voice, silence and, as the title suggests, something more. The juxtaposition of these different positions illustrates and challenges how dominant narratives, gender constructs, and the ruling political rhetoric can be questioned through the performativity of voice. Artists from a wide variety of backgrounds explore and redefine contemporary speech acts, work through vocal and linguistic boundaries, shift meanings and identities.

While most of the festival’s performances and concerts take place at Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Sveta Bar and the venue at Sakala 3, the programme is accompanied by a series of shows on IDA radio. NUPP offers a complementary insight, including introductions and follow-ups to the festival’s themes and practices of participants. The medium of radio transfers voice and sound from one place to another and therefore makes it possible to play with all kinds of relationships: live and recorded, present and absent, living and dead, as well as with the ones who are listening and the ones who are not.

Combining newly commissioned and existing performances, readings, modular synthesiser compositions, process-based collaborations as well as concerts, the festival’s focus tunes in to these technical, conceptual yet coincidental relations of voice.
To insist upon variety, the programme is divided into different chapters that show the way while getting lost in VOICE AND SOMETHING MORE.

Egija Inzule, Margit Säde

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Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Sakala 3, Sveta Bar • Tallinn, Estonia

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