Cold Estonia or Warm Portugal- what is the difference when it comes to business?

R 23. aprill 2021 kell 11:00 - 13:00

9 AM- 11 AM (GMT+1) Portugal


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Cold Estonia or Warm Portugal – what is the difference when it comes to business?

You are thinking of starting a business in Portugal or in Estonia? Or you are just interested about the topic? Then this event is for you!

On this coffee morning webinar Martin Goroško, Business Development Manager at Tehnopol and Marco Lamas , entrepreneur, teacher, researcher, speaker and manager from Portugal will discuss following topics:
➣ The difference of making business in Portugal and Estonia
➣ Pros and Cons of both countries
➣ How does the business environment work
➣ Real business stories
➣ Advices how to create a business
➣ Financial explanation of both countries

Come join us on 23rd of April for a chat and let's have virtual coffee together!☕️

Everyone joining from Portugal the event time is 9 AM- 11 AM (GMT+1)🇵🇹

The event is free, in English and online. We will send a link to the event to everyone who has registered.

Marco Lamas
Marco Lamas is an Invited Senior Lecturer, teaching Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Education Courses at ISCAP, he coordinates the post-graduation course in Business Creation and Development, advises Master dissertations and is often a member of Master dissertations and PhD theses exams. He is Editor, Reviewer of scientific journals and also a researcher member of the center for intercultural studies in which he coordinates the research line “Entrepreneurship and Business strategy”.
Marco Lamas contributes regularly in the business environment and university environment at national and international level. He is a business coach certified by the European Coaching Association (ECA), a business consultant and trainer (certified by the Employment and Vocational Training Institute (IEFP) and by the Educational Scientific Council of Continuing Education (CCPFC) in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Management and Strategy. He is a teachers’ trainer (Entrepreneurship). He regularly writes opinion articles to various magazines, newspapers, and blogs. He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences as well as a jury member in business ideas competitions.

Martin Gorosko
For the past 13 years, Martin has been part of Tallinn Science Park TEHNOPOL Foundation, starting off with the lead of Marketing and Partnerships, proceeding with building up one oof the largest Business Incubators of the region, today, developing the core set of services of the Park, focusing mostly on scale-ups and corporations. This experience has brought a chance to support and work together with around 200 tech-companies in the core areas of ICT, deep-, green-, smart city-, health- and governmental tech. The portfolio of experiences combines starting up new ventures, supporting the technology-based start-up companies across different growth and development stages, building up investment readiness, matchmaking with investors, corporates and academia, sales, marketing & PR strategy management etc. Martin is a member of Estonian Business Angles Network.



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