ebook: Magic of Manifesting

Sunday 2. June 2024 - Tuesday 2. June 2037


The book Magic of Manifesting by clairvoyant and spiritual teacher Andrues Vana, which, as the title suggests, is about manifesting.

"Manifesting is a bit of a complicated word. A complicated word that actually has a simple action behind it. Manifesting is about consciously creating your reality, your physical world.

The Magic of Manifesting is a book about how to get everything you want. How to consciously create everything you want in your life. Whether your greatest desire is more money, good health or a partner who loves you, the technique is the same. You have to be what you want. You have to find a way to feel the same way you feel when you've got what you want. You have to be today, with the tools you have today, where you are today, with the same good feeling as when you've got everything you want.
So this is the comprehensive book about how the Universe works and how to manifest all your desires."

Andrues Vana