Summer mentoring programme "Becoming seen"

Tuesday 9. July at 10:00 - Tuesday 10. September at 12:00 EEST


I remember my last summer where I joined a summer flowing self-discovery programme that was my companion on every Monday morning. I looked forward to those mornings, I was present in live events, even when I was travelling. It helped me keep a soft routine and at the same time a focus on me and my growth, not just summer events, messing around in the garden, dealing with family or totally losing myself. This summer, I want to take you on that journey with me.

If there's a question or obstacle inside you, like:

"Who am I to ...?"
"I'm afraid"
"I don't want to share myself"
"What do others think?"
"I don't know, I can’t"
"I'm not enough ..."
then this is the programme for you.

Summer is a wonderful time to grow because we have the energy to do it. By looking at what nature is doing and moving in rhythm with nature, we feel present, on track and in balance. And it's especially powerful to do it together! We come together just as the fruit are growing and ripening - symbolic timing for you and your journey.

For whom?
A woman who wants to share her creativity and herself.

The world needs you and you need yourself. My journey from invisible to visible has been my journey, can now be our journey together.

The summer mentoring program, "Becoming seen," gently guides you through the summer months, bringing you closer to your true self. It encourages you to embrace your authenticity, to be real, and to live your truth. This journey helps you rediscover who you are, make conscious choices about your identity, and dare to be visible in your own life.

We meet every Tuesday from 10:00-12:00. Everything is recorded and available for later viewing, but nothing compares to the excitement of live action and the immersive experience of being there in person.

In this programme:

  • Be part of the introspection
  • Discover your own value and specialities
  • Learn to know yourself better, love yourself better and share this with others.
  • Get rid of so many restrictions
  • Learn how to deliver your message effectively and live your message with authenticity
  • Be visible to yourself first, and then you'll be able to show yourself with an ease to your family, colleagues and the world.
  • In this programme, theory is interwoven with practice so that each exercise or practice guides you closer to the next step, helping you to become more confident, more courageous and more visible.
  • I'm here for you in all this - through the creation of a safe space, personalised feedback and guidance. It is my strength that will help you to find yours.
  • The process and the change in you are starting from the moment you think about this programme, becomes even more active when you decide to join and gets into full swing, when we start this journey together.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is:

Do I want to be visible or invisible?

This is one of the most important issues of all. But if you want and need to be visible, then how do you get to the point where you can express yourself genuinely and boldly, despite what others think and with a sincere belief that you are good enough? With your voice, with your body, with your message - as yourself.

We are all born to live according to ourselves, to choose according to our heart and to express ourselves freely, but over the years we accumulate different layers and limitations that hinder us. This is how the external becomes much more important than what is inside us and wants and must get out.

Through practical exercises, discovering and peeling away the layers of beliefs, mind and body cooperation, we come much closer to ourselves and through this, we come much more in touch with our surroundings. Especially as an entrepreneur, we have no choice but to be visible. But equally and just as importantly, to be real, to be brave and to be ourselves as a woman. To embrace this experience of being a woman and live it to the full. Because what is that other option?


Part I - Internal work

Who am I and what do I want? Getting to know myself again - me, my foundation, my wants and needs
Self-love - accepting your true self and accepting your body, strengthening your body, the magical woman in me
Authenticity and courage - why I can't and don't dare to be authentic, my desires and nature, my truth, my heartfelt choices.
Who am I to ...? Mapping and releasing beliefs and limitations, breaking down fear and shame, from a good girl to a brave woman, free from limitations, setting your own boundaries.

Part II - External work
Building confidence - through practice, mind and body work and standing out
My value and specificity - sharing your experiences and stories, building your self-worth and embracing your uniqueness.
What do others think? Camera fear and social media anxiety – non-judgemental space, my truth, video-photography, accepting and speaking your truth, making your work visible

I choose to be visible - "Stepping on stage" and being visible, the performing nerve, body awareness and support, focus, sharing your story, performing with impact.


  • 1 x weekly meetings in Zoom (Mondays 10:00-12:00) - 10 meetings in total.
  • 1 x personal mentoring (1:1) with me for 60min (preparation of a specific topic, your project or a task).
  • 2 surprise guests and exciting topics (one of the guests is Merliis Sulg - femininity and polarity coach).
  • A private Facebook group where you can experience uplifting energy, inspiration, support and belonging.
  • Worksheets for deeper inner work and reflection
  • A change or the birth of something new that no-one knows about at the moment (experience has shown that this happens).
  • All online meetings are recorded, so you can watch them for up to a month after the end of the programme.


The programme lasts 10 weeks. The fee for a total cost is 750€, which makes one meeting only 75€ (my personal mentoring fee is 240 € per hour).

If you wish, you can pay in two or three instalments - the first instalment at registration, the others at the end of each month. I can also invoice the company.
If it speaks to you and you have that "yes, this is for me" feeling in your body, then don't hesitate any longer and buy a ticket here or email me at [email protected].

Exact dates and times of our meetings:

09.07 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
16.07 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
23.07 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
30.07 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
06.08 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
13.08 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
20.08 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
27.08 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
03.09 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom
10.09 at 10:00-12.00 in Zoom

I look forward to meeting you!
Kristina Samra

Feedback on my training and mentoring:

"At the end of the training, my gut feeling told me that this is not just the end, what participating in this training will bring me. And my gut instinct didn't lie to me! This was probably the reason why I couldn't immediately give any real feedback on what had happened. My partner also said recently that he noticed some kind of big change in me. I totally agree, because where I am today is something that I have dreamed of. In order to expand into the reality of my dreams, I have to deal with myself first. Not to have lots of money and good connections like I believed, but to be authentic as a real me! All that we dealt with in the training programme in the visible and tangible, is part of something much bigger in the energetic key, the invisible part. With this programme I accepted my fears, my beliefs, my mind-blowingly powerful women, my discomfort and my ignorance... Today I am in a place where everything that I consciously or subconsciously thought were my obstacles, have become gifts today! A newly created company is the realisation of my dreams that I had no idea about at the beginning of the year! What creativity and faith has opened up in me! With what ease I share myself and my creation on this journey! Here I am, embodying my authentic self-expression in my life, in my way of thinking, in my actions! And all that is NOW possible! In overwhelming gratitude for these experiences, these people and Kristina's heartfelt invitation! Thank you!"

"Coming out with your own experience is something I learned from you. Some may be pushed and inspired by the very fact that I dare to share my experience and they will also be encouraged by it. I have long thought that only a top expert can share his experience and teach someone. This has held me back. But I also have experience, creativity, which I can share with those who will be touched by it."
(Signe came to mentoring with a desire to better express and establish herself in meetings, but left with the concept of sharing her creations at a personal art exhibition)

"I consider Kristina to be a dream mentor, who genuinely wants to help and support, and does her best to help others overcome their fear of performing. But not only! She helps to bring out the courage and authenticity in everyone very easily, which many of us are looking for, while it has been available inside of ourselves all the time. With easy steps, Kristina helped me to understand how to make performing much easier for myself, and in doing so, reduce my fear. So that after the sessions, I had the incredible confidence and a feeling that I would get on the stage to share my stories at the exact moment."

" I really liked this training! Kristina can explain simply and logically and give examples that everyone can relate to at some extent and relate situations from their own life."

" It was a very powerful training! It was not only about self-expression, but something much more. Simple truths that apply to everything because so many things are interconnected."

"Some kind of enchantment lingers from Kristina; it changed the way I think."

"Kristina is a trainer who has a very calming effect and makes you want to open up. Her feedback is thorough and constructive. She is able to convey topics in a very simple and clear way and is a pleasure to listen to."

"I remember reading at the end of the training advertisement that by the end of the training my self-confidence has increased and I am getting much closer to myself. Then I doubted whether it could be learnt in one day in such a way that I would really feel more authentic and confident. Apparently, I had lost faith in myself, believing that I could not speak freely in front people. But at the end of the day, I had to admit that yes, everything promised in that advert was true. I really felt more in touch with my authentic and vulnerable self, and that fact alone made it much easier to speak in front of others. At the end of telling my story, I found that I even began to enjoy talking. My first thought on leaving the training was: it was a special experience."

"I liked that you were calm, positive, supportive. Enough time for everyone, made it clear that we don't have to do anything we don't want to do, while creating a comfortable and safe environment where we ourselves are willing to do these tasks in order to grow and become braver."

“What makes Kristina special is her genuine and very honest self-expression as a trainer. She knows how to point out the things in people that are preventing them from expressing themselves clearly. She knows how to press on to those right points. For me, I was able to tackle a number of limiting beliefs that prevented me from expressing myself boldly. The training gave me more courage and self-confidence. I started to practice more self-expression, both in writing and orally, and I overcame a lot of anxiety I used to feel when I had to speak in public. I'm able to be more authentic and make new connections with people."

Who is Kristina Samra?
I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing and communications. One of my favourite activities is editing texts and formulating clear messages. My messages are targeted, customer-friendly, specific and recipient-focused, so I always ask the question - what do I really want to say and what do I expect from the recipient?

I am equally interested in human nature, psychology, listening to my body and inner voice and expressing myself naturally. I have coached body-mind trainings, studied music therapy at EMTA (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), trained in public speaking under the world's top public speaker Eric Edmeades, and attended several courses and trainings in my home country. But most of all, I have learned through knowing myself, experimenting and life experience, how to make bold and independent decisions, live on my own terms and listen to the voice of my heart

In achieving this, I consider that a clear and honest communication and self-expression to be extremely important, primarily to be in harmony with yourself and those around you and to live an authentic life. How to express yourself as you feel and so that you are understood? That's probably what we all want. My call of the heart is to develop and share this skill.

Kristina Samra