Zeal and Ardor [CH] + support | Tapper

Thursday 27. June at 19:00 - 23:00

TAPPER • TAPPER, 11318 TALLINN, Vaari 2, 11318 Tallinn, Estonia

On June 27th, the Swiss-American avant-garde metal band Zeal & Ardor will make a much-anticipated return to Tallinn, delighting fans with a performance at the Tapper club.

Founded and fronted by the Swiss-American musician Manuel Gagneux, who previously ventured into chamber pop with his project Birdmask, Zeal & Ardor emerged in 2013. The band is celebrated for its innovative fusion of African-American spiritualism with black metal, creating a sound that is both haunting and groundbreaking.

Zeal & Ardor has been gaining momentum and captivating music enthusiasts with their distinctive blend of soul, gospel, and blues with the intensity of heavy metal. The project began as a solo endeavor by Manuel Gagneux with the release of "Devil Is Fine" and has since evolved into a dynamic group of six talented musicians. Their music defies easy categorization, offering a unique experience that truly comes to life in live performance.

From its inception as a solo project, the band expanded its horizons by signing with MVKA records in 2016 and growing to include Gagneux on vocals and guitar, Denis Wagner and Marc Obrist on backing vocals, Tiziano Volante on guitar, Mia Rafaela Dieu on bass, and Marco Von Allmen on drums. Zeal & Ardor has released a series of albums that reflect their evolving sound, including "Devil Is Fine" (2016), "Stranger Fruit" (2018), a demo album in 2014, and their first EP "Wake of a Nation" in 2020. In February 2022, they unveiled their third studio album, further solidifying their place in the music world.



TAPPER, 11318 TALLINN, Vaari 2, 11318 Tallinn, Estonia

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