SHAKESPEARE, an improvised comedy in verse

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Proudly presented by the Tallinn Fringe Festival.

Performer: IMPEERIUM
**Genre:**improv comedy
**Duration:**60 min
Tickets: from 5€
(On the door: 15€)

Improteater IMPEERIUM's "SHAKESPEARE, an improvised comedy in verse" is classics from a fresh angle!

It is a unique improvisational theater format with the atmosphere of Shakespeare. You may not see Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet or the father's spirit on the stage, but everyone communicates in verse and tries to find the meaning of life. Or their happiness. And always through humor.

Improvisation is born and dies every night to fill the audience with sublime feelings and witty stories.

On the stage shining: Mairi Tikerpalu, Merilin Kirbits, Maarius Pärn, Tarvo Krall
Music: Madis Kreevan
Improvising with lights: Rene Topolev

IMPEERIUM Teatrisaal • Ankru 10, 11713 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Google Map of Ankru 10, 11713 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Improteater IMPEERIUM