Virtual Sabatants 2021

Fri 7. May at 19:00 - Sat 8. May 2021 at 23:00


Sabatants is a traditional dance festival where you can dance polkas, waltzes and many other old but still popular dances from Estonia and elsewhere like at a village dance party. Festival values traditions and the joy of dance. We invite you to enjoy the festival mood together with us via Facebook Live and Zoom.

In one camera window you can enjoy the playing of best dance musicians, while you can see the dancers in the other window. For the best experience we encourage you to find a dance partner, switch on your camera in Zoom and join us from your living room or garden.

** Friday, May 7 @ 19-23 **
19:00 Aivar Arak
19:45 Katariina Tirmaste
20:30 Ruhnu Island Trio
21:15 Herbert Konnula & Oliver Leppik
22:00 Pakri Orchestra

** Saturday, May 8 **
10:30-12:00 Seminar - Sabatants - to whom and why?
17:30-18:30 Dance Workshop - Estonian Couple Dances
17:30-18:30 Music Workshop - Mustjala madal & Kihnu tango

** Saturday, May 8 @ 19-23 **
19:00 Sofie & Leanne (Denmark/Estonia)
19:45 Maria Mänd
20:30 Natali & Aneta Ponetajev
21:15 Eva Väljaots & Robbie Sherratt (Estonia/England)
22:00 Tallinn Dance Club Musicians

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Jaan Sarv