Viirus GUEST: Haavemaa

A mayhem from Savo

Jouko from Mäyrävesi installs 36 surveillance cameras in his bar Haavemaa. He is convinced that his dead ex-wife Ritu is haunting him.

19-year-old Miku drinks and dreams of a better life in Los Ankeles, while recovering from their traumatizing first sexual experience. Karaoke blares, and the alkolock on the Mazda 626 won't open.

In thirst for money, the American tourists who have come to exoticise Mäyrävesi are promised a polar bear safari.

In Haavemaa we follow whether Jouko and Miku will get rid of their demons, if the Saastamoinen wankers will retain their family utopia and whether Mäyrävesi Räpsä will achieve the championship of the Winter Baseball league.

The play stars Paavo Kääriäinen and Jonnakaisa Risto with the grotesque puppet characters Ritu, Miku, Jouko and Helvi.

Viirus • Välimerenkatu 14, 00220 Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

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