Viirus GUEST: Extramaterial

A work about surplus and the miracle of performance

What is left over or missed, what is born out of nothing and comes to life?

Extramaterial is a stage for a complex and re-forming body that surrenders to the perception of surplus and impossibility in relation to the future and to being in the world.

The work draws on the ephemeral meanings of living in our times and reaches out towards a new, undefined subject. Extramaterial breaks categories and spreads out into a joyful eventfulness full of waste and futility. The performers bring to the fore what is not at the centre, but at the same time perhaps at the core of our being.

The work moves between rehearsal, tuning and performance – on the terrain of choreography, drama, situation and abstract composition. Raiskinmäki and von Bagh draw from what is already there and what emerges from what is at hand. The performance materials include recycled elements and details from the group’s previous works, different layers of life, and the body’s own materials such as skin and hair.

Extramaterial sheds light on a contemporary philosophical perspective on the fate of the human subject, being connected to the universe and our immediate surrounding reality. What is the surplus that participates in the event of life?

More info about the performance can be found on Viirus' homepage:

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