Viirus GUEST: Enfant Terrible

Friday 12. May 2023 at 19:00 - 21:00

Viirus • Välimerenkatu 14, 00220 Helsinki, Finland

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Viirus GUEST: Enfant Terrible
4 FLOORS OF WHORES & Anders Carlsson

​​The performance is a contemporary association from the play “Victor, or when the children take power” (1928) by the French surrealist playwright Roger Vitrac. On their ninth birthday, the child V decides to reveal all the family’s hidden secrets. Armed with a child’s honesty, naivety, innocence, monstrosity, zeal and parasitism, V attacks everything they cannot understand or accept: they are an Enfant Terrible!

Enfant Terrible tests the hypothesis that spontaneity, our lusts and desires, is a kind of pharmakon – an unpredictable effect that can mutate into its opposite depending on dosage or context, something that can be both a poison and an antidote depending on the circumstances.

The aesthetic of 4 FLOORS OF WHORES articulates a dialogue between physical theatre, contemporary choreography, sound art and performance art – baked in with layers of sensuality, care and obscenity. The group’s previous works are BLANCHE (Uniarts 2019), the art film niXXXavuori: artfilm (Bad House festival 2021), niXXXavuori (Teater Viirus & Gothenburg City Theater 2021, Teater Viirus & Tampereen Teatterikesä 2022) and the performance series The Church of 4 FLOORS OF WHORES (Hangö Teaterträff & ANTI festival 2022), which will also be performed at Baltic Circle Festival in Helsinki in 2023.

Anders Carlsson is a Swedish actor and director. He is currently a doctoral student in artistic research at the Department of music and drama of University of Gothenburg. Anders was previously the artistic director of the Swedish performing arts collective Institutet between 2006-16 and was professor of acting at the Theater Academy in Helsinki 2016-20.

Viirus • Välimerenkatu 14, 00220 Helsinki, Finland

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