Shadow Art / EMP 2019 & World Music Days

Saturday 4. May 2019 at 20:30

Sakala 3 • Sakala 3, 10141, Tallinn, Estonia

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Shadow Art
Thu, 4 May at 8 pm
Sakala 3
Sirje Viise (soprano, Estonia-USA), Monika Mattiesen (flute), Tammo Sumera (electronics)
PROGRAMME: Paul Clift, Evelyn Celeste Frosini, Gilles Gobeil, Elis Hallik*, Pei-Fen Huang, Daniel Soley, Simon Steen-Andersen, Yinong Xie
Ticket 15/10

AFEKT Soloists:
Sirje Aleksandra Viise (soprano, Estonia-USA)
Monika Mattiesen (flute)
Tammo Sumera (electronics)


Elis Hallik (b. 1986, Estonia)
Uudisteos for flute, soprano and electronics (2019, premiere)

Paul Clift (b. 1978, Australia)
“Shadow Art II” for flute, voice and real-time electronics (2017)

Simon Steen-Andersen (b. 1976, Denmark)
“Difficulties Putting It into Practice” for two amplified performers (2007/2014)

Yinong Xie (b. 1994, China)
“Chaotic Particles” for fixed media (2017)

Daniel Soley (b. 1995, Wales)
“Socialite” for fixed media (2016)

Pei-Fen Huang (b. 1967, Taipei)
“Lang Lao” for fixed media (2018)

Evelyn Celeste Frosini (b. 1983, Argentina)
“Samoa” for fixed media (2016)

Gilles Gobeil (b. 1954, Canada)
“Sous l’écorce des pierce – promenade” for fixed media (2017)

Estonian-American vocalist, performer and artist Sirje Aleksandra Viise was educated in visual arts and music in Indiana, NYC, Boston and Berlin. She specialises in extended vocal techniques, contemporary and experimental music performance, performance art, and sculpture. In her solo programmes and performances she questions the character of the female performer and the role of the singer in contemporary society. Much of her work is autobiographical. Sirje frequently premieres pieces, tours and performs as a soloist and as a member of solo vocal ensemble PHØNIX16. Sirje is a member of initiative neue musik (inm) and zeitgenössisches Musiktheater Berlin (ZMB). She lives in Berlin.

Monika Mattiesen is focused on electroacoustic sound experiments as a composer and interpreting contemporary music as a flutist. From her solo concerts, the ensemble Cyberstudio (Küberstuudio) has grown out (2000), where the main aim of the flutist is to synthesize electronic music with other art fields (light, video, painting, dance, literature, film). In Paris, Mattiesen has prepared works by Saariaho, Manoury, Fedele, Jodlowski and other composers while residing in IRCAM. In 2004, Monika Mattiesen performed Philippe Manoury’s electroacoustic magnum opus “Jupiter” at IRCAM / Acanthes Master course, assisted by the composer. Monika Mattiesen has recorded and premiered many new works for flute that have been written specially for her. She is the artistic director of international new music festival “Afekt” held in Tartu and Tallinn.

Tammo Sumera is the lecturer in the electronic music studio and the sound technology specialist at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He is also a freelance live electronics artist and sound engineer. Sumera has been awarded live electronics interpretation, engineering, and organisational awards at numerous international festivals around Europe. He has collaborated with various Estonian orchestras, conductors, performers, and composers.

Wheelchair accessible: partially accessible

Sakala 3, 10141, Tallinn, Estonia

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