Early EARLY morning journey with tea

Thu 22. October 2020 at 04:55 - 07:00

Charen Tea House · Uus 11, Tallinn, Estonia

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Some people think our 8AM tea ceremonies on Thursdays start much too late. So let’s try something different, for the extreme early birds among you.
On Thursday, Oct 22, we gather at 4:55AM at the Paks Margareta gates. Then we as a group take a half-hour silent walk (jalutuskäik) through the Old Town, to feel an essence of the city that’s hard to feel during busy daytime. Then, we silently arrive to Charen and at 5:45AM enjoy an hour of early morning tea. Good wishes, a tiny snack and hugs goodbye by 7AM, and off on your day, engaging with the world from a deeper source.

We’ll do this no matter what the weather is - we live in Estonia! - so bring appropriate clothing. If you have a wind-protected candle or small lantern to bring for the jalustuskäik, bring it along!
We only have a few spots available for this, so if you don’t get a spot, let us know if this interests you and we can do one more in November.

Walk and tea lead by Steve.

Yours, Chado pere.

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E-mail: teemaja@chado.ee


Charen Tea House · Uus 11, Tallinn, Estonia

Google Map of Uus 11, Tallinn, Estonia