“First Aid for Mental Health” 7.-8.03.+22.03.24 course registration form

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After the training the participant has the competence to offer mental health first aid and information to a person with mental health concerns and to apply basic self-help techniques to support their own mental health.

The participant of this course...

  • understands the effects of stigmatisation and knows how how to reduce it;
  • recognises behaviours and risk factors indicating different mental health problems;
  • uses basic steps from mental health first aid action plan to provide primary support to a person with mental health problem;
  • uses at least some of the self-help activities.

The total duration of the training is 10 hours. After completing it, you can receive a certificate.

1st training day 7. march 12-14, 15-17
2nd training day 8. march 12-14, 15-17
3rd training day 22. march kell 12-14

Keywords: mental health, fist aid, stigmatisation, , stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma, addiction, self-help.

Trainee: Gerli Pihelgas
The course will be held in english

More information: esmaabi.peaasi.ee

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