Värkse kraam Viljandist 2024 | Marko Reitalu “Flagellant”

Kanuti Gildi SAAL • Pikk 20, 10133 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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The movement of the whips became faster and the leather straps became alive as they traced their bloody signature on the bare skins. A rhythm was struck, which rose at an ever-increasing pace. At the same time, the twisted bodies were admired - some were hunchbacked and skinny like skeletons, so that the vertebrae of their spines stuck out like thorns, some again had thicker skin and blood pooled on the layers of fat. Inspired by their God, the skin was beaten to shreds and it bled in honor of the Savior's death. Silently, in a mesmerizing stupor, the whipping lasted until the bruises became open wounds. The sun rose, smeared the pink on the surfaces of the white houses and sent its rays into their backyards. That meant it was time to lay down the whips. Only panting filled the silence. The last thought before going to sleep and the first thought waking up was the pain that was meant to be endured.

Marko Reitalu (1999) is graduating from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, majoring in dance art. During the Erasmus+ program, he also complemented his studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater and participated in various projects in the Šeiko dance company. Marko is interested in finding that something in various topics that at first glance may seem secondary and highlighting it in his works. For this, he analyzes the text and other materials and finds a way to fit the given theme into the movement.

Director and performer: Marko Reitalu
Light design: Kristjan Tammi
Sound design: Martin Reitalu ja Marko Reitalu
Organizational assistance: Kadi Lõhmus
Mentor: Karl Saks

Length: 40 min
Thanks: TÜVKA, Koidu Seltsimaja

Kanuti Gildi SAAL • Pikk 20, 10133 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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Kanuti Gildi SAAL