Urban Bicycle Tour in Tartu (corporate)

“Best way to explore Tartu is bike tour guided by Aljona”

An urban bicycle tour led by a landscape architect—a fresh and dynamic way to discover the city!

We'll explore the picturesque and thought-provoking sites of the city by cyclist point of view. The tour spans 2.5 hours, including leisurely pauses. Throughout the tour, we'll admire contemporary architecture and street art, immerse ourselves in street life, and uncover the urban spaces and nature of Tartu while delving into the past, present, and future of Tartu.

In total, we'll pedal approximately 8 to 10 kilometers. The tour maintains a moderate pace, adaptable to the group's abilities.


Please note: This tour requires the use of a bicycle. You can use your own or Tartu public bicycles, which are available for an additional fee.

To use a public bike, you are required to use your smartphone with mobile internet by creating an account in the Tartu Smart Bike app and purchasing an hour or day ticket (2/5 euros). 1 phone = 1 account = 1 ticket = 1 bike. You will receive the guidelines on your ticket via email as well.

What’s special about “Corporate” bike tour?

A private tour for companies and organisations for teambuilding events, up to 3 hours. The topic and route might be ajusted to the interests of the group and your team event aims. Teambuilding actions can be applied, like urban orientation etc as well as refreshing breaks for coffee or swimming etc. Your photographer/videomaker is aslo welcomed.

The header photo author: Ruudu Rahumaru

Date, time, program and price

To agree on date, time, program and the price please contact me via email: [email protected]

The route (basic)

We will visit the most layered places in Tartu, where past, present, and future stories connect, where social life is rich and opinions about city development are controversial: Karlova, Supilinn, and Kesklinn. We will slightly pass the romantic Toomemäe, the brutal Annelinn, and the calm Ülejõe as well.

For corporate tour we can choose another route or adapt the basic to the interest of the group or your team event aims.

Who’s your guide?

Aljona Galazan is a landscape architect, event creator, teacher, and passionate fan of architecture, design, public urban spaces, and urban bike riding.

Languages: EST/ENG/RUS

Aljona speaks estonian, english and russian languages. Choose more convenient for your group.


Facebook: Linnaruumi rattatuurid / Urban bicycle tours

Take your time to relish the city, expand your knowledge and enjoy the company!

Aljona Galazan