Ülemiste City Future Forum 2023

Wednesday 10. May at 08:30 - Thursday 11. May 2023 at 17:00

Rakett 69 Teaduskeskus • Valukoja 12, 11415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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The Ülemiste City Future Forum 2023 takes participants on a journey focusing on four forward-looking and inspiring key areas—future trends, innovation and data, discovering and developing talent in a healthy environment, and a green mindset as a new reality and business opportunity.

🡲 Future Trends
🡲 Innovation and Data
🡲 Talent and Health
🡲 Green Transition in Business

🡲 The aim

Turning Ülemiste City and Tallinn into a spot full of superb and versatile innovation by bringing together great ideas and valuable talents, companies, students and higher education institutions.

🡲 Future Forum

Future Forum is a 2-day event (Future Conference and EduFest) that seeks to answer the following question: What are the top trends in data in 10 years’ perspective? What will be the role of the state, employer and talent in securing health in the future? How to accelerate the green transition in business and take tangible steps towards sustainability? Does a rapid green transition automatically mean an increase in prices?

Exciting keynote speakers across four sessions; 3 panel discussions with a moderator in each panel. The event will also have a lead moderator.

🡲 Keynote speakers and panels

Keynote speakers come from all over the world, including Estonia. The panels will be of different types, with exciting content, including different ways of involving the audience.

Future Conference language is English. If the event is cancelled, the ticket will be refunded.

Rakett 69 Teaduskeskus • Valukoja 12, 11415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

Google Map of Valukoja 12, 11415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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