Dark Romantic Evening in Muuga manor

Mon 27. August 2018 at 19:00 - 23:00

Doors at 19, first band at 20

Muuga manor hall · Pargi 1, Muuga küla, Vinni vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia

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⚑ SANGRE DE MUERDAGO (Galicia, Spain, Neuropa records)
⚑ LAGUZ RUNE (Joensuu, Finland)

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is the creation of Pablo C. Ursusson. Acknowledged musician, composer, painter, sculptor, lyricist, free soul and traveller of the deep forests and the seven seas, together with different guests and collaborators that include outstanding and recognized musicians Georg Börner, Erik Heimansberg and Asia Kindred Moore as main collaborators at the moment.

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO has been around for some years and a legend is following them already... Some say they grow leaves on their heads instead of hair, some say the live in the woods with the wolves and some even say they talk to the moon and laugh together in the long winter nights...

SDM is an expression of gratitude, a healing experience, the sound of a Folk band with moss on their skin and mud under their feet. They take folk music to such a magical level, and with it, they summon the four winds, our oldest memories and melodies, and the wild fires. The legend says they've played almost 300 concerts in the last few years, that brought them on 13 international tours through over 20 countries. Places as far from each other as Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, USA, France, England, Taiwan, Spain, Hongkong, Germany, Canada and many more... always conquering the souls of those chosen ones that witnessed any of their performances.

Some say they've seen SDM playing in a mausoleum, some say they've seen them playing on a boat, or in a train, or in a brewery, or in the deep forest, and some say they've cried every tear out of their soul while seeing them performing. Some say as well that SDM have appeared in important festivals around Europe and North America. And some even say they've seen them coming back from the Otherworld from playing music with the old Galician gods...

The legend continues on growing, and the SDM musicians, keep on delivering the most magical of the musics. After releasing 3 Lps, a split LP, a 12” EP, 2 different 10”s, and many songs on compilations all around the world, on labels from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, USA or even China. Some say they even have their own label, and they do most of the work by hand.

Some say that SANGRE DE MUERDAGO are now stronger than ever, presenting their last album through dozens of countries, and carrying with them guitars, hurdy-gurdy, flute, celtic harp, nyckelharpa, drums, bouzoukis, and a good bag of otherworldly melodies...

Or, is it only legend?

-Demo 2007 (Música Máxica)
-Sangre de Muerdago – Lp/Cd/Cassete 2010 (Música Máxica, Iconoclast, Brave Mysteries, Boue)
-Deixádeme Morrer no Bosque – Lp/Cd/Cassette 2012 (Música Máxica, Stonehenge Records, Pesanta Urfolk, Heathen Harvest, Pest, Wohrt)
-Braided Paths – Split Lp/Cd 2014 (Música Máxica, SMGS, Boue, Avant!, Pest)
-Nas Fragas do Río Eume EP – One sided 10” 2014 (Stonehenge Records)
-Lembranzas dende o Lado Salvaxe – Cd 2015 (Música Máxica)
-O Camiño das Mans Valeiras – Lp/Cd/Cassette 2015 (Música Máxica, Neuropa, SMGS)
-Os Segredos da Raposa Vermella EP - One sided 12”/3”CD 2016(Música Máxica, Neuropa)
-Vagalumes, A Nocturnal EP – Vinyl 10” (Música Máxica, Throne Records) Out in December 2017!!
-Noite – Lp/Cd/Digital (Neuropa Records, SMGS, Música Máxica) Out in Spring 2018!!

http://www.facebook.com/thecrowcallstheravenblack http://www.sangredemuerdago.bandcamp.com/ www.soundcloud.com/sangredemuerdago

Four ancient spirits have risen to pay homage to their northern heritage. Utilizing sounds of the kantele, violin, guitar and percussion to create a shamanistic neofolk soundscape.
Elli "Ihtiriekko" Koponen - jouhikko, vocals
Erik "Cernunnos" Müürsepp - percussion, vocals
Jaki "Jökull" Vartiainen - guitar, vocals
Tatu "Margraf" Heikkinen - kantele, vocals


The concerts of Dark Romantic Evenings will find their way to nice venues with an aim to bring exciting, different and beautiful – even slightly melancholic – accoustic and semi-accoustic music performed by excellent musicians to attractive concert venues away from bigger cities. Dark Romantic Evening in Muuga manor since 2012.

The spectacular two-storey neo-renaissance main building of the manor was designed by Carl Timoleon von Neff in 1866–1872. A number of paintings in Russian tsar palaces, churches of St Petersburg, Moscow and London as well as pastoral scenes depicting Estonian peasants were painted by the well-known artist. Paintings in several rooms of Muuga Manor were also painted by the artist himself and several by his son Heinrich von Neff. The grand light grey staircase of Carrara marble, a present from Tsar Aleksander II, still leads guests to the hall with a gorgeous white fireplace and doors crowned by paintings done by the artist himself. The von Neffs owned the heart of the manor until 1940. The enormous art collection of the Neffs was taken to the Estonian Art Museum after World War II. Since 1944 Muuga School has worked in the manor house. Muuga manor is also known as the childhood home of the Estonian writer Eduard Vilde.
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Estonia has much more to offer than just a concert or a music festival.
Arriving in Tallinn by plane or by ferry, you can see a European capital of culture of 2011 and look at the well-preserved medieval Old Town (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List).

Rakvere is just 100 km to the east, a bit more than an hour’s coach ride from Tallinn. Coaches https://www.tpilet.ee/en/timetable/tallinn/rakvere depart almost every hour.
Full of Power, says the slogan of Rakvere and the city is considered to be the craziest for two reasons: for its history as the centre of Kreis (district) and for the events that take place here (like the Punk Song Festival or the Estonian Men’s Dance Festival).

The castle of Rakvere http://www.rakverelinnus.ee/en has recently undergone a 606 thousand euro refurbishment supported by EU funds and offers an opportunity to experience life and atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Those who have the nerve can visit the torture chamber, death room vivified by dark ambient music, and Hell.

In Rakvere you can also walk on the paths of the famous composer Arvo Pärt who grew up here and is an honorary citizen of the city. A good starting point is the modern central square which has received international architectural attention and where you can find the sculpture A Boy on a Bicycle Listening to Music, inspired by Arvo Pärt as a small boy who was so thirsty for music that he circled Rakvere market square on a bicycle to hear the broadcast of a symphony orchestra from a loudspeaker attached to a pole.

If you just want to relax, the centrally located Aqva Spa http://www.aqvahotels.ee/en with its seven saunas and various pools offers an opportunity for that. You can also walk in the forest. Rakvere has three major forest areas: the oak wood, Palermo forest (mainly pine), and city forest (mainly spruce). Rakvere even employs a city forester.

Muuga manor, one of the most beautiful manors in Estonia, is located at the edge of the Pandivere Upland and at the same time at the edge of the Estonian largest wild forest area Alutaguse. Pandivere is also called a Lime State on the Spring of Springs, because most of Estonian rivers start from here. Alutaguse is a habitat of several rare animals, such as flying squirrels, lynxes, etc.
At a distance of 15 km from Muuga there is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Estonia – a survey point of the Struve Geodetic Arc. On the way there you can see Kellavere Hill and on it a green round radar station guarding the eastern border of the EU.

North-East Estonia – Virumaa – is a land of contrasts. Less than 100 km to the east from Rakvere, you can climb ash hills, visit a mining museum, and look at an authentic industrial landscape better than that in most videos of industrial bands.

Virumaa is also important for its military objects. Here you can take a look at military ruins left after the leaving of the Soviet army or follow the paths of World War 2, since a number of fierce and bloody battles were fought in this region. Even today, almost no week passes without deminers defusing WW2 explosive devices found in the course of building and excavation works. No need to worry still. There is no risk for travellers, unless they start digging with an excavator.




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Muuga manor hall · Pargi 1, Muuga küla, Vinni vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia