The Great Secret 2 (Online Harp Training with Andrew Lawrence-King)

Thu 25. June 2020 at 16:00 - 17:00

UK time (British Summer Time)

ONLINE · Guernsey, United Kingdom

THIS IS SESSION 2; you can still watch the video online by booking here.

You might find it helpful to watch the introduction from session 1:

Session 3 (live on July 2nd 2020, video afterwards) is here:

Practise live online with Andrew - exercises for historical technique - Baroque, 18th-century, Single Action - Early Music on Modern Harps - Science, Art, Use - based on "le grand principe" from Cousineau (1784?).

This is a training session, not a teaching class. The session will be streamed live via YouTube. Andrew will introduce the exercises and you are welcome to play along - suitable for all types of harp. Your playing will not be heard by Andrew or others.

Prices range from 0 to £5. The session does not include individual tuition, but Andrew will respond to comments/questions, within the time available.

When you book, you will receive an email from Fienta, with your link to the livestream/video.

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Andrew Lawrence-King



ONLINE · Guernsey, United Kingdom

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