How to turn "bla-bla" Meetings into super productive Workshops

Mon 15. July 2019 at 16:00 - 18:30

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Lift99 · Telliskivi 60a/5, B-building, Tallinn, Estonia

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Why this course?

Have you been in a meeting or trying to get some work done with a team, and it just isn’t going anywhere? Everyone is talking about something, it is really hard to keep focus, topics go every which way and hope of getting somewhere by the end of the day remains a distant dream. And after such an event, it almost feels like a waste of everyone’s time.

And the solution?

To solve this problem, we can turn our these kind of meetings into workshops. What’s the difference?

1. Deep and thorough preparation - every detail is figured out before the event
2. Facilitation - there is a person, who’s role is to make sure the end goal is met and that we’re on the right track.

These are not easy tasks. But with the right mindset, skills and tools, you too can create these kind of workshops.

The benefits?

If you approach your workshops and meetings with

- People can get so much work done in so little time - like someone had stopped time in between.
- People can be amazed after the workshop by their creativity - “did we really come up with this?”
- People can be inspired and deeply moved during and long after the end of the working session.

For these results to happen, you need to take the work session facilitation to completely another level. In the short course “The Art of Workshops” we will talk about how to achieve just that.

The course:

During the course, we will talk about…

> to prepare and facilitate a workshop described above
> to really keep everyone’s focus and do it in a fun engaging way
> to get everyone actively participating
> to stay on track and reach the goal you’ve set for the meeting

In short, you will experience the deep art of workshop facilitation.

Who is it for?

Leaders, managers, team-leads, scrum-masters, trainers, speakers, teachers.

In other words people, whose objective is to coordinate smaller or bigger groups for the same objective. People who need to organise and facilitate bigger meetings or working sessions and come up with the agenda to reach the goal set for these sessions.


One ticket: €35 +VAT
Two tickets or more: €29 +VAT (per ticket)

The speaker of the training:

Vaiko is a public speaker, business mentor, personal coach, workshop facilitator, musician and father of four. He has combined the insights and experiences from all these fields into a perspective and a framework that allows him to help people get to the results often deemed impossible.

He has facilitated over a hundred workshops to very different groups starting from start-ups to big corporations. From developers to top management. From board meetings to big conferences with over 50 people attending. He has worked with organisations like Skype, Pipedrive, World Cleanup Day, Telia Finland, Proekspert, Leanheat Finland, Harju Elekter, Advanced Sports Installations, CVonline, Eesti Gaas, Operail, Europark.

Others say:

Piruza Harutjunjan - Chief Innovation Strategist - Proekspert AS

“When running workshops, Vaiko’s ability to take the essence from conversations and reflect it back to the group brings so much more clarity and speeds-up the process. His deep empathy allows him to truly open people, thus he is able to engage and lead even the most powerful individuals in the group. That brings all the people to the same level, where true communication and co-working happens.
When working with Vaiko be aware, your mindset might change in the process :).“


Kristiina Kerge - World Cleanup Day

“Vaiko handles excellently group of 5 and group of 50, he understands on the fly what is the group overall emotion and how to get them to the same page. His ability to keep the focus was impressive. The topic - how to visualize mismanaged waste - was challenging, I am really happy with Vaiko's approach, we got very valuable ideas for World Waste Platform from these workshops. He is clearly an expert at his craft.”

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