UA Startup Showcase

Wednesday 17. April at 15:00 - 17:00

Fantadroms, conference center, SAM 1 • Gustava Zemgala gatve 76, 1039 Rīga, Latvia

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Early-stage investors, angel investors, and accelerator program representatives we are calling for you! Ukrainian Startup Fund, YEP Accelerator, Startup Wise Guys, and Techosystem are bringing Ukrainian super-stars to Riga, Latvia! 😎

We will hold a separate showcase of Ukrainian startups for the Baltic tech scene. The showcase will feature 5 teams that have completed the YEP acceleration program and 12 teams that have completed the Startup Wise Guys Growth Ukraine program.

💪 You will be welcomed by Andriy Zaikin speech - Founder and CEO of YEP and Maria Tintul - Head of Business Development of Startup Wise Guys, continuing with founders of Ukrainian startups presenting their solutions.

➡️Startups you will meet:

Stackbooster Save 80% on AWS and performance optimisation: Al powered cluster autosaler plus ML-driven predictive vertical pod scaling for Kubernetes AI software platform which makes developers 10x productive in building web and mobile apps.

Scalemate automation tool for digital marketers.

svoi. platform for travelers that connects friends of friends and creates custom made local experiences for them. is all-in-one ERP solution for project-focused companies.

InVisionaryBox AR-based SaaS solution offering gamified experiences to boost offline customer engagement and build brand awareness.

Spendbase platform for companies to optimize SaaS, cloud and corporate card spending.

xTiles all-in-one workspace for your task, notes, and projects.

Revisior independent international service that collects real reviews about institutions, companies, or bloggers. We help business’ owners see their products and services through the customer’s eyes

PLATMA extreme No-Code Software Development Platform - simple declarative English as a code.

Kycaid compliance management system that covers all needs of businesses dictated by the regulators and international compliance standards no matter of size and industry.

IntelSwift all-in-one solution for businesses to increase customer service team’s productivity, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by introducing personalized, 24/7 support with AI chatbots, LiveChat, and AI Copilot.

BazaIT offer an HR and recruitment platform focused on conscious hiring. Work with employer branding.

Effy AI staff management copilot that provides leaders with performance improvement insights about their teams.

BannerBoo uses generative AI and ad score prediction to automate and enhance ad production for marketing agencies. works on enhancing operational efficiency by up to 10 times, utilizing AI to automate tasks and streamline workflows across all organizational levels.

Knopka we digitize care delivery processes at Public Hospitals Emergency Rooms on an enterprise level with a simplicity of plug-n-play.

Uspacyis an online service, a single digital workspace for organizing the daily processes of SMBs. It's communication, collaboration, and sales. All-in-one.

Wantent is an AI powered, SAAS platform designed to deliver better audience intelligence for better business results.

Aspichi VR is a prodigy psychological solution in VR, aimed to enhance/scale mental health rehabilitation by implementing the high potential of VR through an effective program of VR multi-profile support in mental health rehabilitation.

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Fantadroms, conference center, SAM 1 • Gustava Zemgala gatve 76, 1039 Rīga, Latvia

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