XI A-festival: Dada Zirkus "Genesis" (Austria)

Genialistide Klubi • magasini 5, 51005 Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia

The modern circus theater from Austria that won the hearts of the Tartu audience three years ago is here again! The much-acclaimed Dada Zirkus talks about life and being through the prism of humor and acrobatic tricks.
All religions have their own creation myth. Now the Dada Circus has one too. According to the most important theologians, it is already among the ten most plausible creation stories of the universe.
With "Genesis", Dada Circus is bringing its third surreal circus play and its own version of the history of origin to stage. Specially composed live music, acrobatics and juggling merge with physical theatre and puppetry to create a circensian masterpiece; somewhere between slapstick and poetry.
Three higher beings with one goal: To create life in order to immortalise themselves. The absurd foundation for a bizarre and clownish undertaking has been laid. They stumble inexorably from one failure to the next and find their own role in the process. But if the world shapes them and not they the world, what then distinguishes them from humans and their destructive struggle for control? Giving life and taking life are two sides of the same omnipotence fantasy. As we know, after pride comes the fall, but what comes after that?

Directing: Matteo Spiazzi
Performers: Arno Uhl, André Reitter, Bernhard Zandl
Music: Roxanne Szankovich
Light and Sound: Stefan Kubalek
Production: Arno Uhl
Speaker: Linda Holly (German Version), Livia Heiß (English Version)
Choreografy: Arno Uhl, André Reitter, Bernhard Zandl
Outside Eye: Michael Zandl, Katharina Nelböck-Hochstetter, Sebastian Berger
Props and scenery: Bernhard Zandl, Michael Zandl
Photography: Natali Glisic, Marcus Wollmuth
Video: Liisa Sadovnik

Genialistide Klubi • magasini 5, 51005 Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia

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