TantsuRUUM workshop: HollowBodyTM️

Wednesday 10. April at 15:00 - 16:30

Eesti Tantsuagentuur • Hobujaama 12, 10117 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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HollowBodyTM️ workshop by T.H.E Dance Company

Suitable for: Professional and semi-professional dance artists, dancers, full-time dance students aged 18 and above, and movement enthusiasts who are comfortable with improvisation.

Attire: Participants should be dressed in loose-fitting, comfortable attire that allows unrestricted movement and freedom of expression. No footwear is allowed; participants can wear socks or participate bare feet.

Participation fee: 25€
Students: 20€

What is HollowBodyTM️?
HollowBodyTM️ is the signature methodology and movement philosophy advocated by founding artistic director and main choreographer of Singapore’s T.H.E Dance Company, Kuik Swee Boon; it is the current methodology with which the dance artists at T.H.E train. Neither a mere movement aesthetic nor an existential state of being, it is an experiential process, utilising improvisational tools to guide practitioners towards a heightened physiological awareness that resonates in their movement choice, approach, and

HollowBodyTM️ is based on the understanding of the body as the foundation of our world. As a vessel for thoughts, emotions and energy, our embodied experiences and knowledge transcend language and logic. The HollowBodyTM️ methodology seeks to establish in its practitioner a level of trust and access that can surface these deep impulses and needs, and unearth an innate connectivity between mind, heart, and body. With the practitioner’s curiosities, potential, and limitations becoming wholly available to themselves,
self-understanding and creative expression unfold.

Today, long-term practice of the HollowBodyTM️ methodology has fed naturally into T.H.E’s creation and performance voice. We at T.H.E believe that with HollowBodyTM️, dance and movement can be embraced as a fundamental pillar in life that offers a deep connection to the body, and in turn, the world.

What to expect?
Led by founding artistic director of T.H.E Dance Company, Kuik Swee Boon, the workshop will include improvisational prompts and tools to guide participants to arrive at nuanced states of physical and physiological connectedness, to listen to their instinct and impulses, and to rediscover movement as a unique expression and identity.

About T.H.E Dance Company
Incisive observations, firmly Singaporean roots, and a universal relevance make The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company. Driven by a sincere desire to uncover the intricate, oft-overlooked facets of human existence, works by T.H.E — steeped in T.H.E’s HollowBodyTM️ methodology of accessing deeper impulses and embodied knowledge through movement — are an essential mirror to our contemporary everyday. T.H.E is dedicated to surfacing the body as a medium for exploring and reflecting on the human
condition through contemporary dance. It also runs Singapore’s first annual contemporary dance festival, and regular public classes and programmes for schools and the community.

Eesti Tantsuagentuur • Hobujaama 12, 10117 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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