Increasing efficiency with AI Tools for Assistants

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About the Course:

Designed specifically for assistants and secretaries, this workshop demonstrates how AI can revolutionize administrative tasks. Participants will learn to utilize AI for better scheduling, efficient document management, and improved communication. The training aims to enhance productivity and organizational skills through advanced AI tools that make daily operations smoother and more efficient.

Join us for a dynamic journey where you'll:

  • Leverage AI for efficient scheduling, communication, and administrative tasks.
  • Utilize AI-driven tools to manage documents and data with enhanced security and accessibility.
  • Improve time management and organizational skills through predictive AI technologies.
  • Enhance workplace collaboration and productivity using AI integrations.

NB: This workshop is in English language.

Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel • Sadama 11a, 10111 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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