Stand up Comedy in English • Lviv

Sunday 15. December at 19:30 - 21:30

Hnat Khotkevych Palace of Culture • Kushevycha Street 1, 79000 L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

In need of a good laugh? Come laugh with the funniest international comedians in Lviv. All the ticket money will be donated to Ukrainian charities.

Expect a night of great atmosphere and the best kind of comedy: raw, full of gags and stories and most importantly - politically incorrect. Comedy at its best from the funniest immigrants in Lviv!

🎟️ online tickets from 500 UAH / tickets on the door 750 UAH

there is also a type of ticket that is for donation only. this tickets is to be used by people who do not wish to take part in the show, but still want to donate. All donations go to the Ukrainina charities Voices of Children and Syrius.

Запрошуємо Вас на неймовірний вечір комедії англійською мовою, адже двоє з найкращих стендап-коміків Європи опинилися з гастролями в Lviv. З Віктором Патрасканом з Румунії та Федором Ікелааром з Нідерландів це буде веселий вечір, який ви не забудете ніколи. Ви почуєте вишукані жарти про стать, релігію, політику та всі інші суперечливі теми сучасності.
Мова концерту – англійська.
Усі зароблені кошти будуть передані до фондів «Voices of Children» (допомога дітям, які постраждали підчас війни) та «Сіріус» (притулок для тварин).
Детальніше познайомитися з коміками можна мовою оригіналу:

The show will be held entirely in English

Fedor Ikelaar 🇳🇱 • • @fedorisme
Fedor Ikelaar is a born and raised Dutchie, who always felt a bit out of place in the Netherlands. With a combination of sharp wit and other foolishness, he shares his experience from living, working and failing abroad. For the past years he has been performing across the globe from Cape Town to Calcutta. Stitching together his world-travelled experience, from growing up in both the Netherlands and France to traveling the world and ending up high in the Himalayas. With his unique perspective he manages to make his fumbling abroad in exotic places highly relatable and enjoyable

Victor Patrascan 🇷🇴 • • @VictorPatrascan

Victor Pãtrãşcan is a pretentious stand up comedian and outrageous social commentator who was born in Romania. He has a unique approach to stand up comedy, not only through his jokes but for the fact that he produces, promotes, writes and performs his shows all by himself.

In the first half of 2023, he sold out his solo show at The Comedy Store in London, UK and a cathedral in Maastricht, Netherlands. Victor has performed in some of the quirkiest of places, from a fishing village in Iceland to a bar in Istanbul, from Kyiv to Paris and from Oslo to Rome, he's told jokes everywhere.

Victor has toured across Europe, and embarked on the first ever self produced comedy of Asia in summer 2023, traveling to Singapore, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Victor wasn't allowed to perform in Australia and was kicked out of New Zealand for being too funny.

In 2022, over 16.000 people in 70 cities in 27 countries on 2 continents came to watch Victor’s shows. Since he started performing stand up comedy in 2012, he has told his jokes in front of a crowd of people in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Thailand, Finland, Belgium, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar, South Korea, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Vietnam, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania.

In 2019 and 2020, he traveled through Europe with his show called "The Trouble with Being Born Romanian" in over 30 cities. During the same years, he topped the charts at No1 in the rankings of ''Roast Battle London''. Victor was also a special guest on the Romanian TV show iUmor where he provoked with his brash humour.

Victor is now on tour • for more information •

Hnat Khotkevych Palace of Culture • Kushevycha Street 1, 79000 L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

Google Map of Kushevycha Street 1, 79000 L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

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