PERFORMING WITH MASKS & GIANT PUPPETS - Free theatre workshop with Maria Lexa at Folkehuset Ankersgade

Saturday 20. April at 10:00 - Sunday 21. April at 16:00

FREE! The workshop is from 10:00 to 16:00 both days. It's free of charge and you can join one day or both days.

Folkehuset Ankersgade • Ankersgade 21, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

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PERFORM WITH US! Workshop participants are invited to take part in KOSMOS Good Life Optog 2024, a colorful street theatre parade directed by Maria Lexa, that takes place in Aarhus on June 21 & 22 and on Aug. 31 & Sept.1. (see details below)

🎭 Program: In this two-day workshop with the theatre director Maria Lexa, you will learn basic techniques of movement, physical theatre, masks, character work, comedy, interactive performing, street theatre, individual & group improvisation, and more. You can even learn to perform in a 3-meter high puppet! The workshop will include:

⤳ Body and movement
We begin with the performer’s own instrument—the body and its expression. We will work with concrete techniques as well as exercises that release the imagination. We will work individually and collectively with physical expression, visual expression, composition, improvisation and street theatre interactivity.

⤳ Characters
Character study is central to the actor’s work. It integrates all the elements—body, voice, text, rhythm, and visual poetry, and forms them into a coherent unity. Character work is the art of re-creating a complete personality with its complexity and contradictions, and this expands the performer’s personal creativity.

⤳ Masks
Mask theatre is deeply rooted in physical theatre and it is a precision art. Masks create magic in physical theatre and those who develop their study of this will learn to lift the magic to an even higher level.
Puppets and their expression are in the same creative family as masks. Maria Lexa trains actors in the special techniques of performing with her unique 3-meter tall puppets.

⤳ The Inner Voice
As a supplement to exercises which train expressivity, there will also be exercises which stimulate the performer’s inner energy. Beyond creative results, this work can strengthen both the individuals and the group.

⤳ The Comic Soul
Comedy can be physical, verbal, naturalistic, grotesque, or clownesque. It has its own ground rules and principles, which can be studied, trained, and, above all, enjoyed.

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced performers.
We work with physical movement, so wear comfortable clothes and soft shoes.

✨ If after the workshop you are an enthusiast of the art of performing with masks and puppets in the streets, and want to experience more of it, you have the chance to join KOSMOS Good Life Optog’s 6th annual parade. This fascinating street parade features giant puppets, mask characters, dancers, clowns, live music and guest performers for an audience of all ages and backgrounds.
The parade, which lasts approx. 75 minutes, will take place in central Aarhus on:
-Friday, June 21 at 16:00 + Saturday, June 22 at 13.00
-Saturday, August 31 at 13:00 + Sunday, Sept. 1 at 13:00 (Aarhus Festival Week)

Maria Lexa is artistic director of Theatre KOSMOS in Aarhus. She comes originally from San Francisco in the US and has a long history in Denmark as actress, master teacher, theatre group leader, and festival director with a specialty in large productions in local outdoor spaces. Since 2017, Maria Lexa has directed KOSMOS Good Life Optog, a colorful and fascinating parade with performers from the entire region. The production has achieved great success as a recurring event in Aarhus.

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✨If you have any questions please send an email to: [email protected]

Folkehuset Ankersgade • Ankersgade 21, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

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