Collective sound making

Wed 6. November 2019 at 18:20 - 20:30

Gravity Hall · Puškina iela 11, Riga, Latvia

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Voice is the most obvious way how to communicate with the world. But are you aware of your voice? Do you know the melody of your voice? Do you know how powerful it is?

During this workshop you will have opportunity to connect with the others through voice.

We are going to work with different sounds and breathing techniques. There will be possibility to become one big orchestra without any instruments. We will experience also heart singing.

It is not going to be a singing lesson. It is going to be an opportunity to become more aware of your voice and experience collective sounds making.
If you want to be more conscious of your voice join the workshop.
You don’t like your voice? Join for sure!

Why are we doing that?

Because we believe that human connection is giving much more than any other, like f.e. wi-fi.
Because our neuronal system is much happier when we are connected.
Because there is a lack of connection in this world.

"Collective sound making" is a part of a set of workshops called Human Connection. It is a set of workshops during which you will have an opportunity to connect with the others and with yourself. The lifestyle that a lot of us lead, “connected” with so many people online, leaving less and less time for present, deep and meaningful interactions, does not fulfil our need for human connection. Conversations, hugs, singing together, eye – gazing, moving as your body guides you, sharing touch and warmth, attentive listening – this is what we will explore together. Focus will be on different senses - sight, touch and hearing. Each workshop will be dedicated for a different focus.

What is the plan?

Every workshop will begin with an opening, introduction, meeting the others circle. Which will be followed by little grounding and arriving exercises, it might be a meditation, some movement, breathing or other practices to help participants to be present. The core part of the workshop will depend on each theme. At the end there will be a closing circle to close the workshop and share the experiences. Kārlis and Flora will take care of a safe and warm environment in which you can enjoy connecting with other humans.

Reviews from other events -

Eva Evaristo Valls Lozano “Space provided for warm connections, close encounters, easy going, and great atmosphere to open up. From games to moments of silence and deep connections. A great time and space to step out of the confort zone and to recognize, reflect and understand who we are in relation to others and ourselves. Sincerely recommend to try it at least once, you will probably crave more.’’

Emīls Alps “A great community with open-minded people that make you feel welcome at every event! I was concerned that I would not feel comfortable or open to anything at first, but the sincere attitude and great experiences have made me an avid fan of this community, the people and the events found here. I would really recommend everyone to take a leap of faith just as I did.”

Who are we?

A couple, who is passionate about human communication, connection and growth. We are trying to apply communication on deeper level as much as possible with humans around us in our daily lives.

*Agnieszka Flora Olzacka - a social animator with therapeutic background. She loves people, nature, art and philosophy. She likes to experiment and use unusual method to support people’s growth. Flora has 10+ years of experience in holding space for people and organizing events, workshops, trainings.

*Kārlis Laizāns – an experienced feeling event creator, traveler, space holder, hugging enthusiast, honesty respecter. A man, who has experienced and tried a lot of things, practices, trainings and events. Combining learnings from life, he is creating different events for people to communicate on a deeper level. He likes to combine movement, nature and relationships.

We will be happy to guide you in this Human Connection journey.

How much does it cost?

You can sign up for the whole set of 6 workshops or come just for the ones you choose.

One workshop cost 12 euro, if you buy the ticket 2 days before the event, 15 euro afterwards.

To keep a warm and safe atmosphere, there is a limit of 16 participants for a workshop.

Tickets available -

2.10. Eye gazing -
9.10. Hug and touch workshop -
16.10. Connecting to your voice
23.10. Blind folded evening
30.10. Movement inspired by 5 rhythms dance -
6.11. Collective sound making -

A set of all 6 workshops till 29th of September 50 eur, afterwards – 60 eur.

Set of 4 workshops of your choice 44 eur

For buying the sets, please write to

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, Flora 24220024 or Kārlis 2759 7375

See you soon!

(Money is not a reason for you not to attend the event, call Kārlis 2759 7375 or Flora 24220024 and offer a different energy exchange)

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Gravity Hall · Puškina iela 11, Riga, Latvia

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