The Seventh International Improv Festival Tilt Presents: The Improv Speakeasy (NOR) & 7 Women of Different Ages (POL)

Sat 21. September 2019 at 21:15 - 22:45

St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Tallinn, Estonia

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The Improv Speakeasy (NOR) - “Alice in Improvland”

Alice in Improvland is a damn serious show - that is, until Alice falls into a rabbit hole, then all bets are off! In this improvised spinoff of Lewis Carroll’s beloved children's tale, we dive into the fantastical world of the most wonders of wonders, filled with the Queens of Hearts (maybe, we don't know), the Mad Hatter (maybe), a smoking caterpillar (maybe) and grinning cats (yes please!). All the while dealing with the real consequences of Alice’s half day as a missing person. Where does reality end and fantasy begin? Audience gets to decide who Alice is and what kind of hole she falls into (be polite now).

The Improv Speakeasy is the founding house team of Impro Neuf International, Oslo’s biggest improv theatre community. They love high culture and lowbrow humor: you can never guess if the next scene will be a Shakespearean tragedy or Family Guy. A curious mix of clowns, actors, hula hoopists, museum curators, doctors and neuroscientists, they aim for both heart and brain in one show. In the past five years, they have been the warden of Chateau Neuf, performing, hosting, teaching, and facilitating up-and-coming teams to power the explosive rise of Norwegian improv.
Speakeasy is Aree Witoelar, Johanne Hofseth, Sverre Breian, Robin Sverd, Magnus Aasheim, Benedicte Alnæs, Eivind Hildre Spilling and Helene Holbæk. Between them, they have 50 years of improv experience and have performed in Denmark, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany and other places in Europe.

7 Women of Different Ages (POL)

„Humor, strength, emotion and truth. A powerful combination that proves the importance of professional and conscious work.” / „Status” Magazine

„The God created her, the Devil possessed,
Forever she’s sinful, forever she’s saint,
The good, and the bad, the tricky, sincere
The passion, despair, the smile, and the tear,
And angel, and demon, and terror, and wonder,
The peak over clouds, depth deep as can be,
Beginning, the end, the woman - that’s me.”

/Julian Tuwim

„7 Women of Different Ages” is also a title of a documentary film by Krzysztof Kieślowski, as it is a direct inspiration for their show, in which actresses and women from the audience share particular moments of their lives - what they realized, what changed with years - and based on that they take you to improvised adventure told in several stories about being a women in XXI century.

7 Women of Different Ages is a Polish-based group of improvisers, with a rich experience in their art, and various experience in life. In the cast, you may find not only an actress, and a film director, but also a mathematician, an interior designer and a Croatian philologist – and we’re just talking about their education here for start.

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St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Tallinn, Estonia

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