The Seventh International Improv Festival Tilt Presents: Rahel ja Mihkel (EST) & Improteater IMPEERIUM (EST)

Thu 19. September 2019 at 19:30 - 21:00

St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Tallinn, Estonia

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Rahel ja Mihkel (EST) - “Missed Calls”
In Estonian

There are two characters on the stage. Maybe they are childhood friends, lovers, relatives, good colleagues? Who exactly they are to each other, is the choice of the audience. However, it is certain that they are people from the modern world, to whom things always happen. Like to all of us. And the first thing you want to do is to share it with others. Whether through a picture, call or a text. Those two on stage, however, are destined to be unable to make contact with each other. Sounds familiar?

Between them, Rahel and Mihkel have 18 years of shared love for improv. Rahel was Mihkel’s first improv teacher. Mihkel praises her until this day as a very good teacher and performer. However, not to Rahel herself, but to others. Rahel, on the other hand, has told everyone how she misses playing together with Mihkel. Well, everyone apart from Mihkel. Both being early middle-aged people, they will most likely focus on topics that concern others like them: am I successful enough; how to survive being stuck in the system; how to kill your boss? These are universal topics that could also interest other middle-aged people.

Improteater IMPEERIUM (EST) – “On the writer’s exclusive texts”
In Estonian

The Imperials will help a writer finish their new best-selling play! The show will start from the writer’s quill – the writer will be inspired by the audience and will write the first scene of the show in front of their eyes. The first characters are born, the location, the plot begins. The actors, however, see the text on stage for the first time and will start playing it out right away. We will find out where the story goes from there and how it ends on the spot as the rest is improvised.

Improv theater IMPEERIUM (Empire) grew out of the first professional Estonian improv group in 2014. The members of the group are all professional actors, who in addition to being members of IMPEERIUM, are also part of drama groups in other Estonian theatres or work as freelancers in various theatre, television and film projects. In addition to actors, there are also musicians and lighting designers in the group, who help to spread the love for improv in Estonia. In improv, nobody knows what will happen, but everything is possible! The word “imperium” in Latin means “power”.

Members of the troupe:
Actors: Erki Aule, Merilin Kirbits, Maarika Mesipuu-Veebel, Maarius Pärn, Kati Ong, Rauno Kaibiainen, Mairi Tikerpalu, Tarvo Krall.
Musicians: Madis Kreevan, Madis Jürgens ja Ragnar Toompuu.
Lighting designer: Mario Saarik.

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St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Tallinn, Estonia

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