The Seventh International Improv Festival Tilt Presents: “The Metronome” & “Cloud Atlas”

Fri 20. September 2019 at 18:15 - 19:15

St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Estonia

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The seventh international improv festival Tilt is very proud to welcome improvisers from countries nearby and far away. Because these participants are skillful at what they do, they are happy to engage in challenges that are bigger than just improvising a performance on the spot! On the day of the mixer show, improvisers with different backgrounds have met in a workshop and with the help of the workshop instructor, they have prepared the format that you will see on the same evening. So it’s as fresh as it can be! Come to the performance and see how it all will turn out!

“The Metronome”. Instructor: Václav Wortner (CZE)
In English

Music is the uncompromising metronome of this show. It moves the actors to paint the scene with their bodies, creating images, compositions, landscapes, and environments.
Whenever the music fades out, characters, plots, conversations and stories emerge, inspired by the images we have seen before. But the metronome of our lives keeps on ticking and it eventually dissolves every story and drives us again into physical scene pictures, which later inspire new stories... such is the nature of life and The Metronome.

“Cloud Atlas”. Instructor: Aree Witoelar (IDN/NOR)
In English

Inspired by David Mitchell's critically acclaimed novel, Cloud Atlas tells an epic tale of humanity in six separate storylines and six time eras. The performers will create such a piece, completely improvised from audience suggestions. Cloud Atlas is a perfect improv showpiece for big groups - hitting all different corners of stage picture, scenic tones, tempo, and style. Best for international mixed casts to represent a human voyage through culture and time.
* Cloud Atlas is developed by Aree Witoelar and presented as a showcase for Impro Neuf International, Norway.

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St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Estonia

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