The Seventh International Improv Festival Tilt Presents: Jaa !mproteater ja Improkutsikad (EST) & Ruutu10 (EST)

Fri 20. September 2019 at 19:30 - 21:00

St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Tallinn, Estonia

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Jaa !mproteater ja Improkutsikad (EST) - “Maestro”
In Estonian

Maestro is a world-famous improv format that was created by Keith Johnstone. We’re honoured to bring it to stage first time in Estonia having a group of improvisers in different age and knowledge challenge each other finding the Maestro of this evening. The winner is decided with the help of the audience and of course, it’s always important to have good relationships with Fortuna as well. You’re all welcome to find your favourites and cheer to their performance!

Jaa !mprov theatre has brought good short- and long-form improvisation to the audience for already ten seasons. Improv puppies is a group of young improvisers who started doing improv four years ago in Rahumäe Põhikool. Together they form a symbiosis with a unique dynamic where experiences and energy are exchanged in multiple ways and everyone has something to learn.

Ruutu10 (EST) - "That was a joke, right?!"
In Estonian

Ruutu10 will have a premiere of their newest long-form at Tilt 2019! It will be a humorous and fast-paced story that has an intriguing beginning and an educative ending. Interesting character paths will create a versatile whole that will make you ask in disbelief, “That was a joke, right?”

Ruutu10 is an improv theatre whose goal is to develop the quality of improv comedy in Estonia. They started in February 2013 in Tartu and are now also active in Tallinn. Every year their programme involves different shows and workshops that help to grow a dedicated improv community. The improvisers of Ruutu10 have studied improv comedy in Chicago, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Tampere under the best instructors in the field.

The improvisers on stage are: Jürmo Mehine, Martin Junna, Rauno Meronen and Toivo Värbu.

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St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Tallinn, Estonia

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