The Seventh International Improv Festival Tilt Presents: “Bonnie & Clyde” & “The Dropthrough”

Thu 19. September 2019 at 18:10 - 19:15

St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Estonia

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The seventh international improv festival Tilt is very proud to welcome improvisers from countries nearby and far away. Because these participants are skillful at what they do, they are happy to engage in challenges that are bigger than just improvising a performance on the spot! On the day of the mixer show, improvisers with different backgrounds have met in a workshop and with the help of the workshop instructor, they have prepared the format that you will see on the same evening. So it’s as fresh as it can be! Come to the performance and see how it all will turn out!

“Bonnie & Clyde”. Instructor: Małgorzata Różalska (POL)
In English

Bonnie and Clyde - You and your partner. In crime. In story. In improv. No matter how many people play in a show, the base is the two-person scene. That's perfect to tell all the stories in the world, with different dynamics between two characters. Through love. Hate. Secrets. Duties. Shrek and Donkey. Arya and the Hound. Jules and Vincent. Claire and Frank Underwood. Rick and Morty. Let's explore the most popular dynamics between two characters.

“The Dropthrough”. Instructor: Jeron Dewulf Leiva (BEL)
In English

The performers ask for a general theme, like for example "water" and start with a public brainstorm that leads to a scene inspired by the theme. Then they start a second scene inspired by the first scene. The players can get inspired by emotion, sentence or movement. They can always start a new scene, a group movement scene or a monologue. In 30 minutes the audience will see more or less 20 scenes, movements or monologues inspired by the theme and by former scenes.

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St. Catherine's Church · Vene 14a, Estonia

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