SatNam- Beautiful mind II

Friday 12. July at 18:00 - Sunday 14. July at 14:00

Mustjõe Kõrtsitalu • Söesauna talu, 74503 Vetla, Harju maakond, Estonia

⋄ Beautiful Mind 2024 ⋄

12-14 July Mustjõe Körtsitalu
Beautiful Mind is a 3-day body and mind retreat. Enjoy music, nature and FREE various practical activities.
⋄A nice and deep rave on Friday and Saturday night with high quality sound
⋄Beautiful live and electronic music, free sauna and ALL workshops all day long on Saturday.
Come alone, with friends or family - we have an open and friendly environment.
For children from 6 years of age, a full Saturday hobby camp is offered.
(!!!) NO (!!!) alcohol event. Please don't try to take your own alco here. For all alco lovers, I promise to create a special event next time.
Please leave your pet at home.
Children up to 14 years old have free entrance.

Overnight stay:
⋄ Free overnight stay with your own tent on the territory
⋄ You can book for 2 or 4 people in the complex (1 large bed, own toilet and water. There are shower rooms inside the house for all residents of the complex).

Homemade food prepared by the hostess of Mustjõe Körtsitalu: both traditional, but also a choice of vegetarian food.
Also beautiful katering "Sõbrad" with super good quality of vegetarian and non-vegetarian of food and drinks.

Beautiful Mind festival awaits you:

All Saturday from 12:00 up to 20:00 is filled with veeery different and interesting, totally FREE for everybody workshops and practices:

12:00-15:00 Play therapy and dances of various world cultures with Natalja Belov

13:00-16:00 Clay modeling with Anton Levashov

14:00-17:00 Drum Circle with Martin Haljas

15:00-18:00 Family school with Viktor Panasenko

16:00-19:00 Tensor ring with Riho Rästa

17:00-19:00 Critical thinking workshop with Martin Vähk

18:00-19:30 Creative art workshop with Andrei Kedrin

19:00-20:30 Lecture-walk about wild plants "Food under your feet"
With magical

21:00-23:00 Marius (Lifelover Arts ) - body art

MUSIC at 4 different stages with styles like: ethnic music, chillout, psy chill, downtemo, oriental and etnic house, tech- house, deep and hypnotic techno, trance, psy and goa trance, teKno, DnB.
All musicians marked as "LIVE" are not just performers, but composers too - they create their OWN MUSIC. We appreciate this immensely, and we invite you to savor their unique sound, which is fresh and different every time.

We're also putting in a great deal of effort to ensure the best possible experience - we'll be bringing in a sound specialist and using top-notch equipment to refine the sound in real-time. This way, you can enjoy the highest quality of music and its performance.
We care about giving you a great auditory experience and considering your well-being. Enjoy the event!"



20:00 DjuggerMaks - downtempo, psychill

21:30 Dapo (ANGAR) - Organic/Tropical House

23:00 CHANDRAYA - tribal/Ethnic chill

00:30 About:River LIVE - Electronic music by father and son

02:00 Fuluf - chillout

03:30 NasNan (DE) - downtempo , organic


21:30 Wandal - vinyl neotrance

23:00 Analogue Quattro - LIVE deep electronic

00:30 Bromo (CH) - LIVE acid tek

02:00 Alex Kru - goa trance

03:30 Moonglow - psy trance


21:00 Whereismercury- open format

22:30 ACID GROOVES - experimental dance music

00:00 Sass Tut - LIVE techno

01:30 SIMO (9/11) - deep tech-house

03:00 Luuna - melodic techno

04:30 Asia Wise - minimal

DNB DEEP STAGE: Mr.8hz (23:00-02:00)

23:00 8Hertsi
00:00 Hiis



12:00 Denis Vinogradov- gongs awakening LIVE

13:30 Paul Tamme - Guitar LIVE

14:30 RCity monk prayer - synth therapy LIVE

16:00 AnoAna project - deep chillout + LIVE loop

18:00 Noid'Or (LV) - chillout, downtempo

19:30 Organicman - ethnic chillout

21:30 Noro- ethnic house

23:00 NIBANA (FR) - LIVE psy-downtempo


04:00 Pomis - ethnic deep chill


20:00 Ajuveeda - progressive

22:00 Meisterjaan- LIVE electronics + jaw harp

23:00 Infera - LIVE psygressive

01:00 Dreaml4nd (FIN) - trance LIVE

02:30 AoRThara - slow teKno


04:00 Hapekoor (XRAVE) - teKno, acidcore


21:00 Unava- techno

22:30 Fido B2B Faia- electro

00:00 KOH:TAKT - LIVE techno

01:30 Käärkäsi - underground top

03:00 NBI - dark melodic techno

04:30 Maurrka b2b Pomis- open format

DNB DEEP STAGE: Mr.8hz (00:00-03:00)

00:00 8Hertsi
01:00 Hiis
02:00 Jürgenaator



Surya Fire Studio

Misty Fire Show


Art of Nature



Danley Sound Labs

For children from 6 years of age, a full Saturday hobby camp is offered.
Children up to 14 years old have free entrance.
Please leave your pet at home.

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Mustjõe Kõrtsitalu • Söesauna talu, 74503 Vetla, Harju maakond, Estonia

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