Ra Festival 2024

Friday 19. July - Monday 22. July

Tsveri lake • 41.77289650161502, 45.593536594679016, Kakheti, Georgia

July 19 - 21
A Festival for the Soul and Body in the Mountains of Kakheti by Madlobass and Harmony.

Ra Festival will be held in the heart of the Kakheti mountain range, at an altitude of 1500 meters above the sky, amidst pristine nature. Ra Festival invites you to tune in with your inner and outer cosmos.

Main Stage — Rave and Revelry
Surrounding you will be the entire Caucasus Range.
Above you, the starry sky at night and violet clouds at dawn and dusk.
There will be plenty of music, and it will be very diverse.

• 20 kW sound system
• Artistic lighting, mapping, and art installations
• Classic bar
• CBD bar
• Coffee
• Tea
• Bonfire
• Unique panorama

Harmony Space — A Place of Calm and Energy Amidst the Rave and Revelry
• Masters will conduct practices, Osho meditations, nail-standing, and massages for you.
• The «KAiFE» kitchen team will serve delicious and healthy food cooked over an open flame. Their main principle is to cook with love and maintain a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for health.
• Tea will flow like a river from OmManiCha (https://t.me/chateachat)
• Night cinema with cartoons from @tents4friends
• Hammocks and nets on the trees for lounging and frolicking

Kartuli Stage — Our Kakheti Friends Will Host a Hospitality Masterclass
• Kitchen
• Bar
• Bonfire
• Chill Zone
• Kartuli Disco

41.7702875597946, 45.593585559794676

Tsveri lake • 41.77289650161502, 45.593536594679016, Kakheti, Georgia

Google Map of 41.77289650161502, 45.593536594679016, Kakheti, Georgia

Rafael Karapetyan