Public speaking and comedy with Mari Volar

Saturday 13. April at 14:00 - 17:00

Restaurant QoSQo Ville • Place d'Armes 15, 1136 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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You’re great fun amongst friends but find “officially” speaking in front of people to be the worst thing since the rebranding of Twitter? Wanna go after that big raise, but commanding the meeting room seems as daunting as climbing Mount Everest in stilettos? This workshop is here to help!

Public speaking often seems like a gift one is either born with or not, but in reality it’s the result of utilising a whole bunch of different tools anyone can master with some patience and practice.

Whether it’s your dream to be the next comedic Netflix star, want to elevate your corporate career or you just have a big family where your voice isn’t heard, signing up to this workshop will give you the next steps for growth.

In this workshop, which is open to feminists of any gender, you will learn:

  • To understand and befriend your speaking voice once and for all
  • Basic vocal anatomy, how to warm up, maintain and project your voice in front of a crowd
  • How to manage pre-performance jitters and appear confident even in a moment of panic
  • Different mic techniques
  • How to work with any text and find the right style of speaking for the occasion

About the instructor:

This workshop is led by one of Festrogen’s co-founders, Mari Volar, a Cologne-based comedian, musician and event producer from Estonia. She can often be seen on stage in various cities across Europe, where she performs as an independent comedian, or hosting comedy events with her collective Clit Comedy Club. Mari proudly brings more feminism into her comedy and more comedy into her feminism, creating an over-the-top mix in both that simply cannot be missed. She’s a basic white girl on Instagram @marivolar and all Clit Comedy related shows can be found on

This workshop is part of Festrogen, a women-centric, multi-part comedy festival hosted in Luxembourg.

If you are neurodivergent and considering comedy but have questions about the set up of workshops or shows, please reach out.
We also offer discounts to our show tickets for students and people on a low-income and we have a few scholarship places on our workshops. In either case, email us at [email protected]
Festrogen Festival is organised with the generous support of our partners: the Ville de Luxembourg, Culture Ministry, Qosqo, Le Croque Bedaine, Rosa Letzebuerg, the Rainbow Center, Girls in Tech and Mind Tree Coaching.

Restaurant QoSQo Ville • Place d'Armes 15, 1136 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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