PREMIERE'21: "Burning" ja "Love me Tinder"

Tue 8. June 2021 at 19:00 - 21:00

Alexela Loomelava, Tartu

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PREMIERE, a platform for newcomers to contemporary dance, will present the debut productions of Ingrid Mugu and Allar Valge this year.
PREMIERE is a series debut for directors, offering a professional platform for choreographers to create their first movement-based production.
Ingrid Mugu's "Burning" and Allar White's "Love me Tinder" productions will premiere on the Independent Dance Stage as part of the choreographer's debut series PREMIERE on June 2, 2021.

Ingrid Mugu "Burning"
Ingrid combines flamencoesthetics and canons, electroacoustic music and modern movement language. The dancer's companion on stage is bata de cola (dress with a slipper). She is a helpful partner and an antagonist, she is the tip of the mountain to cross and the abyss to fall into. Perfection and imperfection go hand in hand.
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Allar White "Love me Tinder"
Allar Valge's production "Love me Tinder" offers a situation of modern life, where real and virtual life are closely intertwined and dreams and reality in a painful curve.
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