STF 2024: Iceland University of the Arts Contemporary Dance graduate works 2024

Saturday 5. October at 14:00 - 18:00

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL) • Telliskivi 60a/9, 10412 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Iceland University of the Arts Contemporary Dance graduate works 2024 is part of the STF 2024: Sõltumatu Tantsu Festival (26.09 - 5.10.2024). Get your festival information and passes [HERE] (

The freshly graduated class of contemporary dance students from Iceland University of the Arts (BA in Contemporary Dance Practices) brings their graduation works from the island to the continent with their project Home Tour. Six new 30-minute dance works consisting of solo, duo, and group performances, compile an event that travels through the home cities of the foreign students of the class, connecting them back to their roots and strengthening the bond between different dance scenes.

The group wants to work as a facilitator of the gap between graduating and becoming professional through insisting on their graduation works as potential material to tour with. By taking the tour to our home towns, we bring vibrancy to the local dance scenes, which often are located outside of the centers of contemporary dance.

The Home Tour festival invites audiences of all kinds to enjoy the performances. Every venue is encountered with subtlety, and performances are curated specifically for each location. We hope to engage in a dialogue with the local audiences about the importance of contemporary dance in their context, and what a freshly graduated dancer can bring back home.

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Juulius Vaiksoo “Naturally”

Choreographer. juulius vaiksoo
Dancers. juulius vaiksoo and leevi rauhalahti
Length: 20-25 min
Premiere: 28.02.2024, Reykjavik

While watching, ask yourself, what is animal and what is human?

Thank you: mari ann valkna. torfi tómasson. rósa ómarsdóttir.

Leevi Matias Rauhalahti “The Rise and Phall of Working out in a Dress”

Dancer, choreographer, text: Leevi Matias Rauhalahti
Producer of the 2nd song: Ville Kantonen
Length: 25-30 min
Premiere: 28.02.2024, Reykjavik

Working towards, working out, working within & against. A genderqueer identity in its inevitable vessel, the body, searching for shapes. Shapes that would alleviate the coming-across-as-something through elevating it to a state of coming across as the secret third thing.

Researching the ways our bodies take shape in gendered manners, the piece reaches towards representation outside of the gender binary. The fundamentally queer combination of labor and identity creation is highlighted through staging a struggling, enjoying, and autonomic body, in search of the not-yet-here.

Thanks: Juulius Vaiksoo, Christa Ropponen, Vigdís Birna Grétarsdóttir, Olga Maggý Winther, Alice Romberg, Sóley Dúfa Leósdóttir

Trigger warnings: Nudity, age recommendation 15+

Alice Romberg “my house eats itself”

Choreographer: Alice Romberg
Original performers: Bertine Bertelsen Fadnes, Leevi Mettinen, María Kristín Jóhannsdóttir
Sound: Alice Romberg
Video: Olivia Due Pyszko, Alice Romberg
Length: 30 minutes
Premiere: 29.02.2024, Reykjavik

A piece about what you think is your home and who lives there. A couch. A cat. A shirt. A  you. A house. A bug. Images and places once known that were once created as known and once were created to be exactly in the place that you and they are in right now now now. They and who are they and they wonder who are you if they wonder at all if I wonder at all. 

Trigger warning: Low light setting

Vigdís Birna Grétarsdóttir “Stimm”

The team: Eir Önnu Ólafsbur, Frida Adriana Martins, Jón Logi Pálma, Kristín Lilja Geirsdóttir, Lovorka Batelka, Ólafía Bella Ólafsdóttir, Sigrún Ósk Stefánsdóttir, Vigdís Birna Grétarsdóttir
Length: 25 minutes
Premiere: 01.03.2024, Reykjavik

I am autistic. You might not have thought so, but I still am. 

In spring of 2024 I got together with 7 other autistic people to make a performance. The result was a performance about stimming and hours worth of recordings of the process. This time around I am alone on the stage, continuing my exploration of stimming and looking back at the process. I am very happy to invite you to this performance but you might just have to put in a little work. So if you don’t know what stimming is I suggest you go find out. 

Throughout the performance you are free to change positions or exit at any time. Earplugs and ear protectors will be provided. The language of the performance is Icelandic and English.

Olga Maggý Winther “Oh Kiss Me, You Flying Pig”

Creator: Olga Maggý Winther
Cast:  Alice Romberg, Christa Ropponen, Juulius Vaiksoo, Leevi Matias Rauhalahti, Olga Maggý Winther, Vigdís Birna Grétarsdóttir
Assistant Choreographer: Rebekka Sól Þórarinsdóttir
Costume Designer: Freyr Guðjónsson
Music Supervisor: Valgerður Embla Grétarsdóttir
Photographers: Eyrún Haddý Högnadóttir & Torfi Þór Tryggvason
Graphic Designer: Valgerður Stefánsdóttir
Length: 30 min
Premiere: 02.03.2024, Reykjavik

In english: Is this joyful or not?

Trigger Warning: Clowns

Christa Ropponen “<3”

Choreographer & performer: Christa Ropponen
Length: 30 min
Premiere: 29.02.2024, Reykjavik

Is a dance performance & research about (self)-love, empowerment, pleasures and dreams. So come to see me falling (in love) with my pleaser heels and myself, when you are watching me watching you watching me. I love my love and my time, and now I’ll share some of it with you. I'm so loved, lovely, loving and babe. Maybe all we need is love, especially self-love.

Thanks: Rósa Ómarsdóttir, Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Léo Geens, my classmates in Listaháskóli Íslands and ECD3 in Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (AHK), lovers, friends, family and Sin Sisters. 

Warnings: Nudity, age recommendation 15+

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL) • Telliskivi 60a/9, 10412 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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