Physical Clown with Shiva Grings

Mon 13. August at 10:00 - Tue 14. August 2018 at 16:00

13 + 14. August (1000 – 1600, 1h lunch)


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+)When : 13 + 14. August (1000 – 1600, 1h lunch)
+) Where : Tallinn, Estonia
+) Workshop language : English
+) Cost : 70€ (60€ earlybird booking until 31. July)
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+) Limited places

The clown – a theatre form both charming and provocative, simple yet intelligent. A discipline that allows the performer a huge amount of freedom but demands brutal honesty in return, the clown character can inspire and expand the level of performance, regardless of whether the actor plans to take to the stage in that persona or not.

In this workshop we will approach the subject of the clown through physical work: seeing our bodies as the instrument that sets the tone through posture, breathing and tempo. We’ll search for universal emotions and recognisable failures to discover what is happening to the performer in the moment.

Technically, we will work with aspects of mime, Feldenkreis with a strong focus on stage presence. The workshop takes place over two days with six hours training a day (including a lunch break).

Shiva Grings ( began working with theatre in 1998 and has been touring the world with his shows ever since. His style, which he calls “Performance Jazz” is a mix between improvised comedy and edgy provocation. He is also active as a director, working with a large spectrum of styles, from circus to puppetry and satire. Many of his directorial work is currently being played somewhere in Europe.

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