Fri 20. April 2018

at 17 doors
at 18 first concert:: PULKKINEN & MOISIO (Finland)
at 19:30 second concert: MAUNO MEESIT ja TIIT KIKAS (Estonia)
at 21 third concert PROMETHEUS AND THE SATYRS (Greece / Great Britain)

Muuga manor · Pargi 1, Muuga, Vinni vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia

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Pandivere Music Festival is brand new music festival in the wildest countryside of Estonia!

Pulkkinen & Moisio duo is Timo Väänänen (guitar/vocals) and Jukka Holm (banjo/mandolin/guitar).
P & M plays traditional Finnish folk and hit songs from the 80’s and 90’s. Duo’s distinctive style combines elements of folk, blues and country, and a hint of pop rock to keep the music fresh and interesting.

Timo Väänänen is a professional singer/songwriter and producer, who has worked with dozens of bands (e.g., Harmony Garden and Imperia) since the 80’s. Jukka Holm is a talented musician and researcher, who has performed with diverse bands varying from Ismaila Sane’s Saisba to Coronary.

Mauno Meesit is a guitarist and composer from Estonia who is expressing himself through minimalist instrumental music. On his latest album, "Varjudemaa“ Meesit shows his love for old acoustic instruments, guitar feedback and warm drones of echo machines.

Meesit has been featured at Estonian Music awards, has written music for several TV serials and theatre plays and has released albums under German and Estonian labels. In 2015 Mauno Meesit released a ten song album "Closer“ that was the first one under his own name. After that, he wrote original music for popular Estonian TV serials „Varjudemaa“ that was later released as an instrumental album by Grainy Records.

“I feel very inspired by acoustic instruments and those microscopic sounds that you can hear when you stop for a moment and take the time to listen to how the sounds play with silence. Silence is not emptiness, it always has its own sound that holds everything else together.“

Tiit Kikas has played in many different styles and with a multitude of bands and artists both in Estonia and abroad. In addition to the fantastic experience of studio work with various artists, he has also composed music for movies, theatre and original TV and Radio productions.
He has been nominated for the “Suur Vanker” prize as the best arranger and the best instrumentalist of the year. The album of Kirile Loo “Lullabies for Husbands” which has been arranged and produced by Tiit Kikas, stayed in the TOP 20 of the European World Music Chart for three months. The album “Dagö”, arranged by Tiit Kikas, won the first prize as the best estonian folk album of the year.

Mauno Meesit - guitar, effects
Tiit Kikas - electric violin

PROMETHEUS AND THE SATYRS (Greece / Great Britain)

Prometheus and the Satyrs were born in London in 2017. Prometheus and the Satyrs is side project of Daemonia Nymphe band leader Spyros Giasafakis. And they very mysterious.
Prometheus and the Satyrs perform and produce music as well as videos and visual works.
Their work is ceremonial that marries the occult with the mundane; the everyday activities acquire a sense of ritualistic aspect, a liturgy of the everyday life., a sacramental monumental existence.
Their sound is ‘ancient’ as well as contemporary; their appearance is of a non existence entity. Anyone can be behind the mask or maybe the mask is the personality itself, there is no one there other than the mask itself.

Prometheus and the Satyrs-Anastenaria II

Prometheus and the Satyrs - London live samples

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Muuga manor • Pargi 1, Muuga, Vinni vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia

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