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This is a project by FemInno - the biggest female innovation platform in Armenia and the region. It is a part of the "Rebuilding through Tech" program with which we try to support forcibly displaced Artsakh women to rebuild their lives through digital opportunities. And one quick way of doing it was to spread the joy of their creative work by creating "BOX from ARTSAKH". It contains hand-made items ready to reach you and your loved ones as nice and symbolic gifts.

You're now in a win-win position - you order and get a gift box, a group of women get benefits in the form of income. So do not hesitate to move on and order.

For original boxes we offer 3 sizes, filled with surprise items. Select your size։

  • Small BOX - contains 2 items
  • Medium BOX - contains 4 items
  • Large BOX - contains 6 items

AND... Ahead of the lovers՛ day, we offer our unique Love Box, which is filled with a handful of love made by Artsakh women. Love Box contains 5 items.

Check our Instagram page to see a lot of visuals - items, unboxing and more -

We ship worldwide. Delivery time depends on the country, but usually it takes about 2 weeks or less.

Order your box today - SUPPORT and SPREAD the joy!

BOX from ARTSAKH - powered by FemInno