Oracle Performance Tuning Training online

Fri 4. September at 09:00 - Fri 30. October 2020 at 18:00


Oracle Performance tuning training will develop the skills and knowledge required to improve the performance analysis of the Oracle database. You will learn how to design and develop SQL tuning tasks, instance tuning, performance tools, etc., through implementing industry-based real-time projects in our training, and this will enable you to become a Certified Oracle Performance Tuning expert.

Objectives of Oracle Performance Tuning Training:

Upon completion of Performance Tuning Training, the trainee will be able to:
• Diagnosing SQL related performance problems and tuning them
• Working with Oracle Database Tuning Methodology.
• Identify and tune common instance-related performance issues.
• Operate and manage Query optimizer features.
• Use Automatic Workload Repository for tuning the database.
• Interpret Execution Plans
• Describe Oracle optimizer fundamentals

Who Should Learn Oracle Performance Tuning?
By training this course the following job roles will get the benefit
• Database Administrators
• Technical Consultant
• Support Engineer

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